28 October 2014

Vera Bradley sale (Last Day!)

 Vera Bradley is having a very rare two day online outlet sale. My cousin that has a major VB addiction told me about it yesterday. I went on last night and found a few things to get for Christmas presents (and 1 gift for me :).  VB has a warehouse sale the first weekend in May in Ft. Wayne, IN. Once they came here (Atlanta) for a warehouse sale, which is where I bought all of my luggage and many Christmas gifts but that was 8 years ago**.

This is what I purchased for myself. I love the Vera bags. It has a lot of organizational pockets. I love these for traveling or running errands like doctor's appointments. I have one from 2006 in Hope Toile print. I have not liked but two patterns (Summer Cottage and Ribbons) for years.The one above, Ribbons, is one of the few without paisley. I prefer the older, gentler, feminine patterns like Toile, Elizabeth, or Provence. Ribbons is sweet and looks great on the Vera bag for fall.
 Unless I am traveling by airplane, I exclusively use Vera Bradley luggage. This bag (that I purchased for my University of Kentucky fan aunt) goes over the handle of a roller suitcase so it's the best of both worlds! I also bought this tote and wallet to match.
iPad cases are so important. The other day I actually yelled, "oh no, my baby!" while watching my iPad drop to the carpeted floor (It's just fine, shoo). It has a cover but not an actual case that would be great for taking it out. I purchased this one.

There are a few more items I purchased, but do not want to share in case friends or family read my blog and then are not surprised. If you have friends and family that are fans of Vera Bradley, check out the sale today!

**I was pretty excited to see that my picture of my luggage was on Vera Bradley's Instagram account.:)

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  1. I like Vera B. The fabric is so pretty and feminine. It reminds me of Laura Ashley's fabric patterns.


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