19 November 2014

Porter Magazine

 This past September I was out of town. Instead of spending our time on the beach, we were stuck in the hotel except for one day. In my carry-on bag, I put the Summer edition of Porter magazine. I had had it in my magazine rack for a few weeks. This substantial (and beautiful) magazine has the fashion like W or Vogue but with more articles. So many magazines have spreads and adverts that the average person would not deem to wear out of the house except for Halloween. I get being artistic, but clothes are to be worn, in my opinion. I'm a fashion marketer so selling clothes is what I've been trained to do, not design, so that's why I'm of that opinion. :)

 Just yesterday I posted on Megan's Insta that I like suits. So many women shy away from the business suit. I understand not wanting to look like a man, but it is possible to be feminine in a two piece suit, and more so, if it is a skirt suit (a la Julia Sugarbaker on Designing Women). It isn't necessary to wear a pantsuit in today's workforce (a la Hillary). Women are taken seriously in the office nowadays (though I think our payscale should be taken as seriously). I don't like how short this skirt is, but love the detailing.
 This shoot is really cute. I like the suspenders. This spread has a very WASPy look to me.

 I love everything about this outfit and would wear it in a heartbeat now that it is cold here. A neat fact is that the umbrella belongs to the model, not picked out by a stylist that has been donated by a designer.
This is just a few of the many nice outfits in Porter magazine. I hope that you go to your local bookstore (my Publix grocery store carries it) and purchase or, like me, get a subscription. It's worth it.

17 November 2014


In middle and high school I was a "model". Which means that my parents paid for me to go to modeling school which was a type of old-fashioned finishing school in a way.

I learned how to:

  • walk properly
  • apply make-up
  • take care of my skin
  • what clothing looks best on me
  • do an interview
  • style my hair
  • take photographs
  • do my nails

One time we were practicing interviews and we were going over shaking hands. Models go on "go sees" (which you know if you watch "America's Next Top Model") and they should be professional and having a firm handshake goes along with these go sees. My instructor looked down at my nails and complimented them. They were short but painted in Chanel's Midnight Red polish and my cuticles were pushed down as taught. She told the other girls that it isn't necessary to have long nails to have pretty nails and used mine as an example. I was so excited! I was a tad heavier (at a size 6/8) than most of the other girls but this was a nice boost of confidence!

In fashion school I pretty much kept up with my nails, but after having my son, they did not remain a priority. Now my toenails are a different story as they are rarely unpainted. I keep my fingernails short and unpolished (except when pregnant and they grow quite long). My cuticles remained a mess however. My mother has pretty nails, but mine are not that great so like Muzzie and Sunny I just kept them short. Lately with my husband traveling I have been taking the time to keep them polished. Last week I did white polish with silver ring fingers. This weekend I did Essie's berry naughty with Sally Hansen's golden-i ring fingers. I have heard wonderful things about Julep's quick drying drops so I will get those once my current topper, Sally Hansen's Insta-Dry, runs out.

It's fun feeling girly with polish on both my toenails and finger nails.

11 November 2014

Happy Veterans Day

Thank you Veterans that have served our country. My father, brother-in-law, grandfathers, and several uncles and cousins have served every branch except Marines. I'm so proud of them. 

Eventually my son will be amongst the veterans. He's currently actively serving and will be for another 3.5 years then 4 years reserved. 

05 November 2014


For Today
November 5, 2014

Outside my window... the sun is setting. It is a bit warm today. We are going through the one day hot one day the only hot thing is Ghirardelli Double Chocolate hot chocolate being consumed. Today and tomorrow the windows are open, but on Friday the high will be 59* so they will be closed again. This is fall in the South.

I am thinking... that the nights are progessively getting longer which means more time indoors, which means more time to read.

I am thankful... to live in America where the democratic process was utilized yesterday. (P.S. my governor pick was not chosen, but everything else was picked so I'm good.)

I am wearing... black leggings (get used to hearing these words) and baggy short sleeved black v-neck (earlier wore long black cardigan), hair is in a bun, wedding ring and Georgia necklace, bare feet but wore black ballet flats earlier. 

I am creating... Christmas card list (if you'd like to be included then PM me on Twitter).

I am going... no place tonight, but went to the post office, Old Navy and Trader Joe's earlier. 

I am wondering... if I can keep on losing weight throughout the holidays. Not very likely. ;)

I am reading... Out to Canaan by Jan Karon. I'm saving my audio books for when we travel as I have the hardest time going to sleep up there.

I am hoping... to get caught up with work tonight without pulling out my hair.

I am learning... about the Pomodorro method for task keeping.

Around the house... finish getting the fall clothing sorted and cleaned and lists made for what is needed.

In the kitchen... dinner will be Green Thai Curry with chicken, brown rice, and stir fry vegetables.

A favorite quote for today... "Great people do things before they're ready. They do things before they know they can do it." -Amy Poehler
One of my favorite things... Burt's Bees Coconut Foot Creme that I slather on before bed and cover with cotton socks.

A few plans for this week: finish getting the pictures hung, going to the outlet mall, and sleeping.

A peek into one of my days from this week... 

03 November 2014

Welcome November

 Is it surprising to you that it is the first week of November, or is it just me?  For some reason this year, and last, as just flown by. I think because I'm getting older (this is my birthday month). I'm not sure why life is going by so fast, but it seems to be. I wish it would slow down. This month we are traveling for Thanksgiving to Ohio. Of course we will stop to visit with Nana!
 My soul is warm at home as well, Mrs. Cornford. My bird feeder has a few sparrows, but mainly feeds chickadees right now. I changed my bird feed to sunflower seeds and suet instead of my usual Southern Blend and my cardinals have left me.
 This past weekend I pulled out my fall/winter clothing. My clothing has dwindled greatly upon making some changes both in my weight and what I will purchase and keep. I purchased a few dresses, and am looking for a few long shirts to wear with leggings. This dress was my absolute favorite find! Forever 21= leggings. I ordered this dress from Gap (with cream leggings) and this one from Old Navy. Now that I'm not purchasing items just because they are cheap, I'm being much more selective in quality and fit. Where are you purchasing your fall clothes this year?
I hope your November is warm, cozy, and leaves you feeling blessed. Supper will be coconut soup, salad, and gluten free cornbread. Perfect for the first Meatless Monday of November. 
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