In middle and high school I was a "model". Which means that my parents paid for me to go to modeling school which was a type of old-fashioned finishing school in a way.

I learned how to:

  • walk properly
  • apply make-up
  • take care of my skin
  • what clothing looks best on me
  • do an interview
  • style my hair
  • take photographs
  • do my nails

One time we were practicing interviews and we were going over shaking hands. Models go on "go sees" (which you know if you watch "America's Next Top Model") and they should be professional and having a firm handshake goes along with these go sees. My instructor looked down at my nails and complimented them. They were short but painted in Chanel's Midnight Red polish and my cuticles were pushed down as taught. She told the other girls that it isn't necessary to have long nails to have pretty nails and used mine as an example. I was so excited! I was a tad heavier (at a size 6/8) than most of the other girls but this was a nice boost of confidence!

In fashion school I pretty much kept up with my nails, but after having my son, they did not remain a priority. Now my toenails are a different story as they are rarely unpainted. I keep my fingernails short and unpolished (except when pregnant and they grow quite long). My cuticles remained a mess however. My mother has pretty nails, but mine are not that great so like Muzzie and Sunny I just kept them short. Lately with my husband traveling I have been taking the time to keep them polished. Last week I did white polish with silver ring fingers. This weekend I did Essie's berry naughty with Sally Hansen's golden-i ring fingers. I have heard wonderful things about Julep's quick drying drops so I will get those once my current topper, Sally Hansen's Insta-Dry, runs out.

It's fun feeling girly with polish on both my toenails and finger nails.


  1. I've done a French manicure since way before it was cool...Not the square huge white stripe, but an oval shaped, modest, off white tip. Last week, I did an accent nail in gold nd I thought the hubster would have a coronary! So not like me, but I kinda like it. I love that you do the short and impeccably groomed!


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