19 November 2014

Porter Magazine

 This past September I was out of town. Instead of spending our time on the beach, we were stuck in the hotel except for one day. In my carry-on bag, I put the Summer edition of Porter magazine. I had had it in my magazine rack for a few weeks. This substantial (and beautiful) magazine has the fashion like W or Vogue but with more articles. So many magazines have spreads and adverts that the average person would not deem to wear out of the house except for Halloween. I get being artistic, but clothes are to be worn, in my opinion. I'm a fashion marketer so selling clothes is what I've been trained to do, not design, so that's why I'm of that opinion. :)

 Just yesterday I posted on Megan's Insta that I like suits. So many women shy away from the business suit. I understand not wanting to look like a man, but it is possible to be feminine in a two piece suit, and more so, if it is a skirt suit (a la Julia Sugarbaker on Designing Women). It isn't necessary to wear a pantsuit in today's workforce (a la Hillary). Women are taken seriously in the office nowadays (though I think our payscale should be taken as seriously). I don't like how short this skirt is, but love the detailing.
 This shoot is really cute. I like the suspenders. This spread has a very WASPy look to me.

 I love everything about this outfit and would wear it in a heartbeat now that it is cold here. A neat fact is that the umbrella belongs to the model, not picked out by a stylist that has been donated by a designer.
This is just a few of the many nice outfits in Porter magazine. I hope that you go to your local bookstore (my Publix grocery store carries it) and purchase or, like me, get a subscription. It's worth it.


  1. It is, hands down, (whatever that actually means) my new favourite magazine,even its little snippet pieces make interesting reading.

  2. The Porter and Style.com magazines are two of my favorite newer publications. Really beautiful content!


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