03 November 2014

Welcome November

 Is it surprising to you that it is the first week of November, or is it just me?  For some reason this year, and last, as just flown by. I think because I'm getting older (this is my birthday month). I'm not sure why life is going by so fast, but it seems to be. I wish it would slow down. This month we are traveling for Thanksgiving to Ohio. Of course we will stop to visit with Nana!
 My soul is warm at home as well, Mrs. Cornford. My bird feeder has a few sparrows, but mainly feeds chickadees right now. I changed my bird feed to sunflower seeds and suet instead of my usual Southern Blend and my cardinals have left me.
 This past weekend I pulled out my fall/winter clothing. My clothing has dwindled greatly upon making some changes both in my weight and what I will purchase and keep. I purchased a few dresses, and am looking for a few long shirts to wear with leggings. This dress was my absolute favorite find! Forever 21= leggings. I ordered this dress from Gap (with cream leggings) and this one from Old Navy. Now that I'm not purchasing items just because they are cheap, I'm being much more selective in quality and fit. Where are you purchasing your fall clothes this year?
I hope your November is warm, cozy, and leaves you feeling blessed. Supper will be coconut soup, salad, and gluten free cornbread. Perfect for the first Meatless Monday of November. 
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  1. I am doing a good bit more shopping this Fall than in the past. So many items no longer fit (so big my tailor finds it useless to alter) and as you stated - quality is so important now. Brooks Brothers has had some gorgeous pieces this Fall I have loved wearing!

  2. I haven't purchased anything from BB but I need to. Thank you for the recommendation.


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