10 Days with Teenagers

My husband left for a business trip to Las Vegas. He spends his days in a hotel's basement conference center and his nights out with associates. So, though I know he misses us (or so he says), he's definitely having fun. I'm on day 8 of 10 alone with my 18 and 16 year olds. Now don't get me wrong, I love them and they love me and we all get along well. But...I've learned quite a bit.
  • The biggest thing is that they try to run over me. My husband is much bigger than me in both physical and intensity. I don't like to yell and he doesn't mind. He's bald and built and kind of looks scary. Even though Anne is physically bigger than he, she knows he could tear her apart if necessary. Now, don't misunderstand, he never lays a finger on them, but they know not to mess with him. Me? I'm the shortest in the family and am almost the smallest in weight (I'm coming for you Will, whom has the metabolism of his 16 years). I have nothing other than bribing and nudging. I've gently nudged, okay, nagged more this week than in the last 6 months for the kids to do their chores. Now their chores take all of 10 minutes unless they need to clean their rooms. I nagged the 18 year old for 5 days when I calmly said that it hurts my feelings that she isn't listening to me when all I ask is her to pick up her glasses and food bags so we don't get ants. She felt bad and began crying (she's hormonal right now) and cleaned up. So, now I know I have guilt tripping on my side.
  • Funfetti cupcakes do not last long in our house with these guys. I've had 1 and half of the batch is gone. (Remember me mentioning we are eating lot's of gluten? ;)
  • Since my husband has been gone, I've had to watch every Christmas movie and special by myself. Watching Rudolph alone makes one really realize that my babies are grown.
  • M does watch Hallmark Channel movies with me and Love Actually. So at least there's that. Tonight we are watching Wes Anderson's Royal Tennenbaum's and Grand Budapest Hotel. We watched Moonrise Kingdom last week and she is obsessed.
  • Shopping for teenagers is more difficult. I'm still trying to figure out what to put in Will's stocking. A would be happy with lotion or make up, but not Bry. I have iTunes and Reese's. Not much...any ideas?
  • Meals can easily be prepared in 20 minutes or less. Last night's broccoli cheddar soup and Sister Schubert rolls was quick and easy. 
  • Target has large red bags to hide presents in from said teenagers.
  • Heart to hearts are much easier when Dad isn't around...even with Will. He and I are alone when A is at work.
The Mr. returns in 2 days and I am glad to see him. It has been a fun week, even with the nagging.


  1. Bry does sound like a stocking challenge. What about a pair of sunglasses or some small pick-me-up item from Dick's Sporting Goods or Bass Pro or the like that reflects his interests? New headphones/earbuds? One of those weird but funny books sold at places like Urban Outfitters? A Tervis?

  2. Thank you SO MUCH for your comment, Whitney! I think I'll do the earbuds.


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