22 December 2014


 God did not bless me with a daughter, biologically, but He did bless me with a daughter. I met Anne when her father (my now husband, obv.) brought her to Dillard's where I worked. We weren't dating yet, but we worked together and they were on a daddy/daughter date. She was 15 months old and so cute. My pictures of her as a baby are on my other computer, but trust me, she was adorable. She has always been pretty easy going. Her bluntness has always be present, but otherwise, she's easy going. When Michaela would visit us during the summers she was a little jealous of me with her dad, which is typical of a stepmother coming in, but that ended when she was around 13, and for that I am grateful. I loved shopping for her since I only shopped for Will at the time. We would play American Girl dolls and she would decorate the cookies I made (she's always been artistic). She had a rough patch around 14-16, but thankfully she made it through sans arrest, pregnancy, or rehab, so I call that a win!
Four years ago Anne moved in with us permanently. It feels as if she's always lived with us. I'm thankful that she wanted to live with us and have that stability. I'm thankful that God gave her to us. I'm thankful she was born 19 years ago today.

A few facts about Anne:

  • She's tall (6'1)
  • Khloe Kardashian is her celebrity spirit animal
  • She's tenderhearted
  • Her joking sometimes sounds mean but it's just her dry humor
  • She starts school soon to be a make-up artist
  • She loves animals more than babies so I'll probably have dog grandbabies more than human
  • A is a hard worker
  • She cannot cook at all
  • Likes to read but doesn't often
  • Obsessed with movies rather than television shows
  • John Green is her favorite author
  • She listens to Independent music and watches Independent films
  • Someday she will be in Hollywood and I'll be sad, but proud
Happy Birthday my sweet girl. 


  1. What a lovely post, I loved reading about your relationship grew and developed.
    6 ft 1 - wow - how envious am I?

  2. I know, Tabs! I'm the shortest at 5'9.

  3. Happy birthday to Michela, a beautiful name for a beautiful woman.

    I appreciated this! I'm a new (only a year) stepmother and even though my step children are in their 40's, it is not going well. I'm hell bent on sticking it out!

    Merry Christmas,

  4. Jan,

    It isn't easy to be a stepmom, but in time, it gets easier. I've considered writing an ebook on being a stepparent. If you have any questions feel free to email me!


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