15 December 2014

A Few Pictures of our Decorations

If you follow me on Insta, these are not new to you. I wanted to share them here so those that do not will see some of the decorating I've done. In addition to these pictures, I have the balcony decorated but have not got around to taking a picture, just a video. They deserve their own post, anyhow. My husband got back into town late last night so our Christmas tree should be up in the next few days. He's on PST (we are on EST) and slept today until 2pm! So, today is out, but it will be soon. This is actually the latest we have ever gone without having it up. The kids and I were not about to try to drag it out of our tiny coat closet that has everything but coats stored in front of it! Anyway, it should be out soon and I'll share a picture. Here's a little secret: I really hope that the strand that was out last year is still out and we cannot put in another so we have to buy a new one. My husband loves that it requires 0 decorating, but I miss putting up ornaments. It has holly berries and pinecones smattered throughout. I string a fake cranberries and snowflake garland, but that is all. I miss putting out the family ornaments! However, I get where he's coming from..."no fuss, no muss".

So, here are my other decorations:
This little vignette has a picture that I received from Father of Muzzie (she passed in late May). The frame was a present from my girl scout troop. The Willow Tree figurine is the Grandmother and Granddaughter and was a birthday gift from my sister. I took miniature ball ornaments and placed them in a antique crystal bowl, which was from Muzzie.

I used larger versions of the same ornaments and placed them in a hurricane vase, which was a gift from Papaw (whom died in January). I think since we live in the South, and rarely see snow, I have a snowflak/man obsession. :)

Last but not least, our stockings are hung by the...bar? Ha! New this year is the PEACE stocking holder from Target. I used to use JOY, which was for our 3 children, leaving my husband and I out. But, with Muzzie passing, I found an antique lace stocking that she gave me when I was in middle school, about 20 odd years ago. 

It will be strange not to have Muzzie or Papaw here on Earth for Christmas. I miss them so. Any way that I could have them here, I wanted to do, so by using the things they have given me, makes me feel closer to them. 

I'm excited to see Nana for Christmas next week! Can y'all believe that Christmas is in 10 days?! So exciting! Even though some of our loved ones are gone, and it won't feel the same, they would want us to live it up. Muzzie even met my grandfather in a bar, so she really wants us to live it up. ;)


  1. Losing loved ones definitely changes the holidays but your right, they would want us to go on and enjoy our time here that is given to us. Your decor is pretty. I wish I'd thought of hanging our stockings on the bar. I'm stealing that idea next year!

  2. Christmas was always my favorite holiday. The year my father died was so sad, even though he would have hated the long faces and tears. I vowed that there would never be one that bad ever again.

    We started new traditions (white elephant gift exchange, for one), shook things up a bit.

    It helped. It even got us through that first Christmas after my husband died.

    I'm so happy you have your memories and mementos, and that you will honor Muzzy's life with joy.

    Happy holidays,


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