19 December 2014

Last Minute Gifts

Christmas Eve is in 5 days...5! December has been flying by. I had my gifts purchased except for a final few that I finished today. You know how it is when you were just certain you had everything until what you had was wrapped and you realized that you were short a few things. So, here is a few last minute gifts that I have used or am using this year:

Trader Joe's has a lot of good food gifts. Their peppermint bark is nearly as good as Williams-Sonoma's and is half the price. They also had flavored bath salts and gourmet mustard packs amongst other gift sets. One year I went to Trader Joe's and bought 4 bottles of $2 wine and a baguette for Bry's teachers. I've never had so many compliments for teacher gifts in my life! It was inexpensive and loved.

iTunes gift cards can be purchased nearly everywhere. Costco has $15 off $100 packs. These are good for pre-teens and teens especially. Costco also has movie theater passes for a boss or co-worker. I purchased Starbucks gift cards there for my girlfriends. 

The $1 section at Target is a lifesaver. Quite a few of my stocking stuffers came from there. They have travel refillable bottles, candy, toys, wrapping paper, Mad Libs, gloves, etc. At Target I bought my husband a travel pillow for his West Coast travels and noise cancelling headphones.

This year I purchased several inexpensive frames and printed out pictures for family members. In the digital age I do not have prints made like with my 35mm camera. My FIL does not have Instagram (my parents do though) so he appreciated my prints. My aunt is forever telling me that she does not have pictures of Bry. I printed out a few for her and framed them.

Now I haven't done this but I think making personalized mugs are a great idea. If you use hot pink or gold sharpies and write neat sayings on white mugs and bake them. Dads, for your baby Mama's you can take their handprint (in non toxic paint!) and put it on a mug and she will love you for it. You can add their favorite candy, or better yet, a Starbucks gift card in the middle.This post has other DIY present ideas, but they take more time than the mugs. Lauren Conrad's sight is cute. 

Amazon Prime is SO worth the price. I am about to utilize it as I bought the wrong headphones (I didn't realize they have a cord-WAH!) for Will at Best Buy and I'd rather not deal with going there tomorrow. I'm going to order a pair through Amazon and I know they will be delivered in 48 hours. Also, you can watch movies and tv shows year round. (I adore the BBC selections...Wives and Daughters, anyone?)

Last, Walmart has ship to store option. I despise Walmart with a passion for a multitude of reasons. That being said, their ship to store makes it worth the parking nightmare so that it is one stop shopping and you don't have to worry about delivery. 

As you can tell, I'm anti-mall this time of year. Yes, I have 3 large malls within 10 miles of my house but during this time of year I avoid them like the plague. :) Maybe it's because I worked retail for several years and was scarred by the experience of finding a parking spot at Lenox Mall and literally chasing customers that tried to steal while I was working at Laura Ashley and 13 hour days at The Limited that when I would answer the phone at home would say, "happy holidays from The Limited, this is Farrah, how may I help you".

If you have a specific person that you are struggling to find a last minute present for someone, leave a comment and I'll see what ideas that I can come up with.  

I love this time of year! #shoppingaddict


  1. Hahaha...I too refrain from mall shopping during the holidays because of working retail for many years.

    I did the sharpie mug thing and it was fun and easy! Great recommendation!

    1. Good to know about the mugs. Thank you for letting me know! Merry Christmas!

  2. I don't do malls either! Today I ventured out to get groceries (entertaining twice this week) and grabbed a few gift cards in case I remember what I forgot.

    This year, I found a site that prints photos on canvas, has reasonable prices and ships quickly. Bought several with vintage photos for family members.

    I love the sharpie personalized mugs too. That's even how my daughter-in-law and son told me they were expecting.

    You and I will probably get pretty busy in the next day or so...if I don't get back online, I want to wish you and yours a very Merry Christmas!


    1. Merry Christmas to you, Jan! Thank you for regularly reading and commenting. xoxoxo

  3. Amazon prime has helped a ton with last minute gifts!


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