08 December 2014

Menu Plan Monday

As I said last night, my husband is out of town for ten days. He returns next Sunday. We have a lot more gluten when my husband is gone. He has an intolerance to it so we indulget (a little too much) when he's gone. Since he's typically only gone for the weekends it isn't a big deal to eat bread and chips, but since it's for a week and a half I have to watch it. I've lost 50 pounds and do not need to put any back on! So, using moderation, this is this week's plan:

Sunday- leftover homemade chicken pot pie and salad
Monday- chicken salad croissants
Tuesday- tacos and salad
Wednesday- turkey burgers and sweet potato fries
Thursday- broccoli cheddar soup and rolls
Friday- pizza
Saturday- BBQ, potato salad and macaroni and cheese

No links this week. My husband took the laptop and my son is using the desktop, so this is being written on my iPad and the Blogger app is pretty ridiculous and Blogsy wouldn't post my picture. So...check out my Pinterest board (link on the right column) for recipes. 


  1. My husband cannot tolerate onions in any form. When he travels on business, my kids come over for ONION-FEST and I cook as many onion loaded dishes as I can handle.

    Enjoy GLUTEN-FEST!


  2. Jan,
    That's great! I love fried onions and onion rings.

  3. Lays potato chips are so hard to resit, I find. When I make ww bread it is hard to resist fresh out of the oven. But I try to make a good amount of veggies fill our plates so it all evens out. Your broccoli cheddar soup sounds good. That's what I can make with the broccoli in our frig, next. Thanks for the idea.
    Karen A.

  4. Karen,

    ANY kind of junky chips are difficult for me to resist! The soup is delicious. Do you need the recipe? I can email it to you.



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