08 December 2014

Thanksgiving Vacay

I'm currently lying down and icing my stomach and watching Hallmark and thought I would blog about our week in Kentucky and Ohio. Have y'all watched 'Debbie Macomber's "Miracle" series? I watched it the last few years. There was a new one last night and I'm catching up on it.

So, the Saturday before Thanksgiving I took Will to get his haircut. Mr. Bill did a great job so a selfie was necessary. :)

The next day, B, Will, and I left for the week. Anne was supposed to go with us but during a interview she was asked if she could work Black Friday she said yes, not realizing it was the day after Thanksgiving, so she stayed home. We were all disappointed! My parents had my birthday dinner of steak, salad, roasted vegetables, and Sister Schubert rolls. They made dirt cake, which is delicious.

This is my parents and I. 

We left the next morning to visit with my in-laws in the sticks of Ohio. We had so much fun there. I love getting out in the country for a few days a year. We truly only spend 6 days a year with them so when we are together it is really special. My mother-in-law passed away May 2013 and last year was rough, but this visit was such fun! My father-in-law was very relaxed. He has a routine and if left to keep it, he's happy. 
After getting groceries, we had a wonderful day with family. I was so excited to see snow on my birthday! It was dark when it got heavier, so I didn't get a picture of the ground fully covered, but it did happen.

We visited my nieces houses as they both got new houses this year:
We celebrate Christmas with my family on Thanksgiving. Here are my great-niece and great-nephew playing with the gifts we got them:
As we headed out we stopped at Starbucks to get my birthday drink. They talked me into getting a pumpkin spice in a trena! It's so huge!
We stopped back at my parent's house on the way home. Mother taught my other niece and newphew (and Will) a new game called 3 and 13. She's making them card sharks. :)
We went home the next day. My husband left a few days later and will be gone for 10 days. I'll share the gluten filled menu plan soon! 

How was your Thanksgiving?

Edited to add: Stinkin' Hallmark Channel movies always make me cry. 


  1. I was never one for movies, I always prefer the book, but last year caught the first Miracle movie and this year decided to DVR all three. I'll save them for my marathon wrapping session.

    I keep forgetting you have family even farther north than I am...I'm near Pittsburgh, so wave next year as you pass!

    Now...what gluten filled gluttony do you have planned?


  2. Jan,

    I just finished my menu plan and it will post this evening! It's scrumptious!

    Thanks for stopping by!


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