15 January 2015

Are you a slave?

I love this quote from Yes Please by Amy Poehler. She's funny of course (Big Lama?! Ha!), but there is something poignant here as well. Are we slaves to our phones/iPads/computers? When I heard about the iWatch, I thought maybe, just maybe, we are just a little too addicted if we need to have our phone on our watch a la George Jetson. 

There's so many ways to talk to someone now. Traditional phone, texting, Google Hangout, Skype, FaceTime, texting, emailing, that human contact is not necessary. Being in the same room with someone is almost weird. I've mentioned in the past that my sister and I have a complete text message relationship except for the few times a year we see each other. Increasingly, it's becoming that way with just about anyone. I email Will's teachers and my boss and use social media to communicate with pretty much everyone else. 

Technology is so powerful. It has the power to lift up and destroy in seconds. I am a social media addict. Mr. makes cracks about my addiction to Twitter and Pinterest. I get my news and "talk" to a majority of my friends on Twitter, and Pinterest makes me feel like Super Housewife. Yet, technology can break down people. Cyber bullying, enough said. Cyber terrorism would not be possible without the world wide web (does anyone else think of AOL when hearing www then automatically think of You've Got Mail?). Insecurities abound as trying to live up to the Jones' are not the next door neighbors necessarily, but what everyone puts on Instagram or Facebook. I would hate to be a teenager nowadays. My oldest struggled with this immensely as we live in an affluent area, but are not exactly rolling in the dough. He felt insecure. I understand that to an extent here on my minuscule (yet important to me) corner of the web. When I don't get comments, or a certain number of readers, I feel that I'm not good enough. This machine has that much power over me, or is it that my son and I allow it to have that much power?

So, should we throw away our gadgets? Maybe, but I don't think that's going to stop cyber bullying or terrorists. We can decide how to let it make us feel. We can decide how often we are on Facebook. We can have technology free weekends, etc. But those are only small parts of what the Big Lama was saying. We need to have compassion. We can leave our iPhones/BlackBerrys/Galaxys in the car and take our grandmother to tea or help build a house, etc. I think technology is awesome, oh the power of Googling a song you're trying to remember the name of or the best hot cocoa recipe. But as long as we allow ourselves to be slaves, we will be insecure slaves that have the choice to do something to help someone else. In Proverbs there's a verse about being slave to the lender. We are both the slave and the lender as we buy technology and allow ourselves to be addicted.


  1. I identify with both loving and despising the realities of technology!


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