23 January 2015

Happy National Handwriting & Pie Day

Muzzie's handwriting is so beautiful!
Thanks to Susan Branch's twitter account, I know it is National Handwriting Day. Check out her blog post on making a living with handwriting. I enjoy sending and receiving handwritten notes/letters. I routinely write to friends and my grandmother(s). I cherish the letters from my now deceased grandparents (and the one living) as well as postcards from family and friends all over (the one in the box is from my parents trip to Venice). Having these momentos is so special. I owe my Father-in-law a letter, even though I do not write in Spencerian lettering as Muz. I've read that children are no longer taught how to write cursive handwriting. My son was in occupational therapy throughout elementary and middle school. When he was in the third grade they had me purchase Handwriting Without Tears as cursive writing actually activates a part of the brain. If your child is in public school and they are not taught it please purchase the book and teach your child yourself.

It's also National Pie Day. I made a super easy pudding pie in order to use up the last of my Jello pudding. From now on it will be made from scratch. I used the "recipe" on the back of the pudding box. I made cake from scratch earlier in the week, I'm tired as it's been a super long week, and so consequently, wanted easy. If you're looking for a delicious pie, however, you must make this one from Aunt Ruthie. It is seriously so good!

Do you write letters and/or make pies for their respective holiday's?


  1. I love handwritten letters and notes! I celebrated National Handwriting Day without knowing it's an occasion...I wrote a note to my beautiful daughter-in-law for her birthday.

    Pie? Well, that's a luxury...I never bake them and rarely indulge...sigh...

  2. Wonderful Jan! Happy Belated Birthday to your daughter in law.

    I rarely indulge as well. I'll actually just eat the pudding on the pie I made. I like to make pies but rarely do as I keep the sugar out of the house as much as possible.

  3. You know, I do send letters out quite a bit, but alas I type them. It makes my hands cramp to write more than a few lines.


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