Je suis Charlie

Edith Piaf is a favorite French singer. If you would like to hear modern French songs, search for former First Lady Carla Bruni.

 On the morning of the attacks in Paris I emailed my cousin, whom lives there, to see if she is okay. She responded:
"Thanks for worrying... Everything is fine here.

It has been a weird week, but actually most of Paris is operating as usual. 

That magazine had been under threat for years, so, as tragic as it was, the attack wasn't completely surprising. I'm sure that there will be a lot of heated public debate, but I doubt that we'll see more violent attacks like that."

About an hour later she emailed:
"I stand corrected...there is a hostage situation about 5 minutes away from me...

The French police are really good at these sorts of operations, so I'm not particularly worried." 

My first thought was oh my goodness! My second thought was, wow, she's really confident about the French police. 

I asked her which situation is near her and if she still okay. Her response was:

"We're a few minutes west of the kosher supermarket. I've been working from home today and listened to sirens and helicopters all day. The circus appears to be over, so we hope to have a quiet weekend."

A few days ago (we had emails about personal matters in between) she emailed me this:


So, things have been quieter, but there is a lot of police work happening to track down accomplices and their weapon sources. The political and social debates are raging on, but that's pretty normal here."

I'm so glad that she is safe and I hope that everyone involved is captured. According to expat bloggers they seem happy with John Kerry's speech, but I'm not going to say that I wasn't embarrassed that one of our senior officials was not present for the March. I hope that any French readers that visit here know that Americans support you all! 


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