07 January 2015

thank you notes.

I don't believe it is because I have lived in the South my entire existence, but I think thank you notes are just emphasized more down here. Mother taught my sister and I to write thank you notes for everything. I guarantee her thank you note is in the mail. I'm working on mine tonight. This made me think, why should anyone send a note? For what occassion should they be sent? Are they necessary in today's world?

  1. When do you thank anyone? For doing something nice for you, primarily, whether it's help you move, buy you a present, or schedule a meeting. You should send a thank you note within 24 hours of an interview, 2 weeks for a gift unless it's a wedding gift then within 6 weeks of your wedding date, but if someone helped you move then send them a pizza that night with thank you written on the lid!
  2. Any time someone spends their hard earned money on you or their time, send a note.
  3. This is the real question, yes, they relevant in today's world. So many times you go to the mailbox to find bills, or maybe a magazine or catalog. How wonderful are the times that amongst the bills is a card or letter? The person that spent the money or time can show that they are appreciated by a simple thank you card.
What do you put in your card? First, you may say something about them such as it was nice being with you for Christmas, or your puppy is so cute, etc. Then you thank them for the present or time. Last if it is for a gift you would say how you'll use it or if it was time how you're looking forward to working with them.

Stationery, does it matter? What about pen?
  1. Personally, I do not care what kind of stationery is used. I've found many note cards and stationery from Michael's and Target. Something tasteful, but pretty. Now a paper's weight is a luxurious thing. Crane and Mrs. John Strong are my personal favorites, but again, they are not necessary.
  2. I like the feel of Sharpie pens and le pens. I prefer not to use a ballpoint for letter writing. If you have a fountain pen, then this is a good time to use it.
  3. I have a letter wax seal that I love. I picked it up at Colonial Williamsburg, but have been remiss to send it in the mail for fear it would not make it through the automatic sorter. However, a friend of mine sent her wedding invitations using the seal and they worked. 
Do you write thank you notes for Christmas gifts?


  1. I love to write notes and cards. I think I personally keep the USPS in business.

    I love to send cards and notes and usually do to those who need encouragement or cheer; to someone I dreamed of or thought of. If I see something they might like (or worded properly, dislike)...You name it, I'll write about it!

    Thank you cards? There is no exception. They are the rule.

    Of course I have formal note cards...and the weight and texture of these cards is very important to (only) me, but I also collect other cards for less formal times. Almost without exception, they are blank inside. After all, it's for PERSONAL contact!

    I have been using a high quality jell pen (can't remember the brand) and like it...and that reminds me of my own personal bugaboo:

    Computer printed address labels! I cringed each time I opened my mail box and found Christmas cards addressed to Ron and me, by computer!

    I was very upset when I read that they are no longer teaching handwriting in public schools. It is indeed, becoming a lost art.

    Wow, climbing off my soap box and reaching for more coffee...

    Have a magnificent day!

  2. I totally understand what you're saying, Jan! Getting computerized cards are not heartfelt. I agree that weight and texture of paper is important, but I'd rather people send the notes than use not having "good enough" paper as a reason not to.


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