28 January 2015

Vintage WASP Style: Dooney

In middle school Mother gave me a Dooney & Bourke. I loved it, and it is one of the few purses I kept growing up as it is a classic and lasts forever with it's wonderful workmanship. I did not keep my Liz's or Aigners as they seem tackier and small. It is the perfect size, unless I'm needing to take my iPad or a book. If I'm headed to church or the mall, I just need my wallet, phone, lipstick, and keys, and this is a crossbody so it is not cumbersome.  
"In 1975 in Norwalk, CT, Dooney & Bourke was born through the creative vision of Peter Dooney and the entrepreneurial spirit of Frederic Bourke. Inspired by America’s rich history in leather goods, ranging from mail pouches to saddle bags and early military gear, we created the distinct blend of classic and contemporary styles that have been the hallmark of every Dooney & Bourke collection.

The Dooney & Bourke brand was launched with the idea that we could make a difference in the fine leather goods market. With a steadfast commitment to enduring style, timeless versatility, and uncompromising quality, we selected only the finest raw materials and revived the time-honored techniques of old world leather craftsman.

Since our founding nearly forty years ago, we’ve become known as a brand that stands for creating iconic designs inspired by our American-heritage style and our New England roots." Dooney website

This is very disturbing...Disney. They also have sports team bags. In my opinion, this makes the company look kitchy. I like traditional bags, which these are not. How can Italian craftsmakers make these bags?!

 This train card case is really cute. Yes, I realize that it's men's but I wear Polo's so I don't mind.
This outfit is cute. The best place to buy the vintage Dooney is thrift stores, Etsy, and Ebay. I like this black watch bag that is on sale and would not turn it down if offered. ;)


  1. Oh my goodness, no wonder I love your blog! I love D&B!

  2. Still have my vintage D & B bucket bag!

  3. I love just the plain leather D & B. The Disney one? No, no, no.


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