Lent 2015

I did not grow up following Lent. Three years ago or so I decided to begin as a way of taking a break from it all and instead of focusing on my obsessions, focus on the Cross. I gave up fast food one year, but went back to it until 2 years ago, when I gave it up for good minus the once a month treat. The last two years I have given up social media. I'm doing it again this year, but not fully as I have to go on a little for work. I'm also giving up Pinterest and Tumblr during the day. My cousin said that I should give up caffeine, you know, my lifeline. The only reason I said not to that one is that I am working a lot and need it to get my job finished in time. Maybe next year...

I honestly didn't realize how much time I spend on social media! It's kind of insane. I apparently was on Twitter throughout the day and Facebook several times a day, as well as Pinterest and Tumblr. It's fine to do every once in awhile, but I look at Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram the first thing in the morning and the last thing at night! Shouldn't my prayers be the first and last thing I do each day? That's what I asked myself and yes, I should. During this time, and hopefully thereafter, this will be the case.

I'm doing the She Reads Truth devotional. It takes just minutes out of my day. That has been a problem in the past as I will start a devotional but not finish as it takes forever. I love that in 10-15 minutes I've read the scripture, devotional, and prayed, and come away feeling refreshed. I've seen this series on Instagram, but never utilized it. It only cost me $2.99 for my iPad plan, but the app is free. It is highly recommended!

I hope you all feel the peace and freedom during this Lenten season. 


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