26 February 2015


Until a few months ago, I had never heard of the word lob. It means long bob, for those that are unaware of the term. Lauren Conrad started the trend when she cut her long dirty blonde locks last year. It seemed most of Hollywood followed suit and cut their long tresses into lobs or even shorter; bobs and pixies seem to be everywhere. I'm a long hair girl myself but sometimes a change is good. Or, sometimes you go too long without getting a trim along with processing and you have to cut a few inches off. Last Summer my hair looked like this:
Notice the sunburn?

Lobs are all the rage and I needed to cut it a few inches as it was pretty damaged. Since I was cutting it 3-4", why not just cut off 8"? Yeah, that was a lot. My sister wives hair went to this:
This was me on Christmas Day. It had grown about .5" since THE CUT (as it became known in the household). Now it is about 2" longer and time for another trim. I was thinking of just getting it cut back off again, as lobs seem to still be in after seeing the Oscars. But then I saw this on Harper's Bazaar:
Lobs are going to be out of fashion for spring. It turns out that long hair is back in. Yay! So, a minimum trim it will be and I don't have to feel bad about wanting my sister wives hair back. My daughter had to chop her hair off right before Christmas as she decided she wanted gray hair so she bleached it twice and it all started falling out. I bought her Biotin vitamins and she said it's helping tremendously. Maybe I should start taking them too!

What is your hair story?


  1. My real story is color. I got my first gray hair in high school. I started coloring shortly after. For 40+ years, I high lighted, low lighted, streaked, frosted, stripped, dyed...you name it! When it went beyond that magical 10% gray level, it started costing me a fortune...and I couldn't remember my natural color.

    That year I lost 135 pounds, started running and let my hair grow out. I seriously did not recognize myself...but I love the color...I call it my reward for being 60+

  2. Jan, you lost 135 pounds?! That's so awesome! A wonderful reward indeed.


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