09 February 2015

Monday Morning Musings

Me every Monday morning

  • Last night I saw that Will drank my last Mountain Dew Throwback. It was too late to go out and then I remembered that I had a coupon for DD coffee. I woke up in a good mood but caffeine is a necessity for functioning. So, I grabbed my purse and jacket and put on my rhinestone flip flops to find out that it was pouring down rain. Argh. I ran out to my car, okay, well, sort of ran, 6 ankle surgeries and no caffeine mean not actually running, but you know what I mean, I went fairly speedy. I ordered the non-fat white chocolate raspberry ice coffee. It was more raspberry than chocolate. Not worth the .99*. I then went to Costco and for .63 bought a Mountain Dew. Then I was happy. Because it was Monday morning and raining, Costco was barren. So score! 
  • Last night I was on my way home from errands after church and looked at the clock and saw that it was after 6:30 and the sun was just setting. This means that spring will be here soon!
  • They need to give Brian Williams a break. He was moronic for stating he was in the helicopter that was being fired upon, but it was a decade ago. I'm also sick to death of seeing all of this mess about Bruce Jenner as well. I mean, really, who gives a flip?! 
  • I'm going to list some items on Re-Lilly and Craigslist for sale. I'll take pictures and post them here as well. I have Lilly Pulitzer, Laura Ashley, and J.Crew. Speaking of J. Crew, my husband and I went to the Factory store and was SO disappointed in the quality. Most shirts were see through unless dark navy or black. It reminded me of Old Navy. If I'm going to get substandard quality, I don't want to pay $30 for a t-shirt when I can get it for half that price at Target or Old Navy. I have a gift card, which is a gift from my parents for Christmas, which I will be purchasing accessories. I won't be purchasing the clothes any more, at least from Factory. I did get a few things with my Williams Sonoma gift card at the outlet. So, at least it wasn't a waste of time and gas.
  • My friend Kelley is adopting her third special needs baby from China. She's having a fundraiser if you're interested in purchasing some of her wares. The tote that says, "Yes, they are all mine" is my favorite. Kelley has two biological children, but God has placed in her heart to adopt these precious ones, Regis, Brighton (Momo), and now, Ridge. She is a great mama.
  • Hallmark has been airing Valentine's Day movies the last week almost nonstop. I've been recording the new ones. It's helped my marathon Christmas movies withdrawal.
  • Dinner will be quinoa with beets, oranges, and feta. Kale salad needs to be eating asap so that will be served, but it has been served all week. I may fry it up. They eat anything roasted or fried.
*Why is there no longer a cent sign on computers? I hope everyone has a wonderful week! Did y'all have a good weekend?

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