Our snowy morning

So last night I looked at my Apple weather app as I do every night before bedtime so I know whether to crack open the window. Hey, I live in Georgia, and we've had an unusually warm winter and our windows in the bedroom is cracked more often than not. Much to my excitement, I saw snow is forecasted. The first thing I did upon wakening is go onto our balcony to see if we even got a dusting. I looked down and saw this:
A good inch is lying on the ground! I mean it's not as much as those in Boston or anything, but it's respectful for Atlanta. It made me so happy, especially as I work from home. 😁
There's another chance for snow and ice (dreadful word) tomorrow during rush hour so that won't be cool (pun intended). And yes, I have milk and bread even though I'm the only person in the house that consumes cow's milk so I also have a fresh carton of almond milk. 



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