30 March 2015

Monday Musings

 Hello! Did everyone have a great weekend? We ran a few errands, which included a chocolate creme filled doughnut from Krispy Kreme on Saturday. I'm a sucker for themes, so they had me at Easter and chocolate creme. I'm the only grown up that indulged. It was worth it.
 Last week was spent taking psychological tests to figure out what career I should pursue next. According to Meyers-Briggs I am an ENFP. I took to Pinterest to find out what it can tell me about my personality. I found pretty cool stuff. For instance, a celebrity ENFP is Walt Disney. This quote is totally me. My Disney personality doppleganger is Rapunzel. Marketing, English, marketing, and journalism are the careers that I like best out of my chosen fields. According to the Psychology Today study, I should lean towards blogging and social media. Apparently not all tests are as inaccurate as some Buzz Feed tests. Ha!
 Spring flowers are out. We have tulips, Dogwoods, Cherry Blossoms, and pansies everywhere. I love the flowers, but could do without the tree pollen. Law.
 I've been looking at Spring fashion magazines and a little online. So far...I don't love any of it. My abs aren't flat enough for cropped shirts and I am not into overalls. Baby got back if you know what I mean. If you don't love yellow then you're outta luck. If you do, check out my pal Angela's blog for some yellow fashion love.
Mother told me the saddest thing last night; she claims to be too old to buy an Easter dress. I told her that is not true. I have to get mine ordered today in hopes of it arriving by Saturday. I'm leaning towards this J.Crew Factory dress as I have a gift card.

I hope you all have a great week. What are you wearing for Easter Sunday?

27 March 2015

Friday Five

Both my husband and Bry said to me that they cannot believe today is Friday. It definitely seems like Friday to me! For some weird reason we've hit a chilly snap so I'm thinking Netflix binge watching and coffee.


Lilly Pulitzer for Target Lookbook: I'm more of an Old-School Prep, but I do love me some Lilly. Even though I'm no longer in the plus sizes, I love that that will be an option. The home products are my favorite; bar cart and hammock FTW! The only clothing item that i love is the maxi dress. I love the Lilly maxi's.The collaboration starts on April 19th for a limited time.

Downton's last season: As a Downton fan (minus a bit of season 4), I'm saddened by this coming season (6) being it's last. As far as seasons for British shows, this one has lasted a long time. I'm excited by the possible story lines to tie the series up in a nice and tidy bow.

Even though I am Georgian, I lived my formative years in Kentucky and wholeheartedly hope that the Wildcats go all the way. Being 37-0 is a good indication that they will!

Unique Baby Nicknames by State: This is so funny. Georgia's is Minibuns Sugarbutt. Hahaha!

Starbucks Secret Menu: I'd heard about this on Pinterest, but then promptly forgot about it until I saw that I had a free drink thanks to my Starbucks Rewards so I looked up something to get for free that is different than my usual venti skinny Iced Caramel. So, I got a Caramel Snickerdoodle Macchiato (full fat). Oh My. Starbucks is also offering a limited edition birthday Frappaucino. I'm not a raspberry fan, but if you are then give it a go. See if there's something you'd like...

I hope you all have a most wonderful weekend! See ya next week!

25 March 2015

Fifteen Minutes to Myself

Do you ever feel like you have no time to yourself? If you're a mother, or even puppy mother, you really don't unless your children are in school and you're a SAHM/SAHF. I was a homeschooling mother for years and then my husband began working from home. I was like, seriously, can I not have enough time alone to at least use the loo in private?!

When my son was a baby my mother was driving 350 miles to help out every weekend for the first month of his teeny tiny life. She told me to go into the bathroom and take a long hot shower then lay down. She probably doesn't know but that set me up for a lifetime of fifteen minute breaks. When I had the children yelling and then husband needing attention, I was spent. So, within the first year of marriage I began the whole "mommy needs fifteen minutes alone or you'll pay" thing. In the afternoon I would take fifteen minutes to read with sweet iced tea beside me, call my grandmothers or mothers, write a letter, or just rest in order to get through the day.

At night, I felt I knew I needed something to help me calm down. Reading has always been my go-to, and continues to this day, but I felt like I needed that time alone as I read with my husband beside me. So, no matter what is happening, I take a fifteen minute bath. In the past this included bubbles, books, and sometimes candles. Now I do epsom salt, essential oils, and Pinterest on my phone.

What do you do for yourself that is just fifteen minutes but makes your day far superior?

23 March 2015

Monday Morning Musings

Good Morning Readers!

How is everyone today? It's rainy and a little chilly on my porch today. Spring in Atlanta means two things: pollen and volatile weather. I've woken up to crusty eyes and a dull yet persistent headache for about two weeks. You never know what you're going to wake up to each day. It could be 40 degrees at night and 75 during the day. We've had 90's then snow in March. It makes dressing for the day interesting!

I LOVE the Monogram app (@monogram_app). I've had it for a year or two and love playing with it at night while "watching" tv (listening). They uploaded the spring backgrounds...Easter and gingham! I made some for my sister and Mom, as well as for myself. It's a $2 app, but oh so fun.

I have been missing The Great British Bake Off since the Season 5 Finale a few weeks ago. I've begun watching the first 4 seasons on Youtube. They also have Masterclasses for seasons 3-5. Judges Paul and Mary are the cooks and show the audience how to professionally make what they ask the contestants to make. We are a gluten free household, so I wouldn't make it unless it was to be given away, but I love seeing the professional techniques. It's too bad Jimmy Carter dropped the ball on the whole metric system conversion. 

On Saturday I was grocery shopping at Aldi and found bird feeders, suet, and birdseed for super cheap. If you're a bird enthusiast, like myself, or just think they're pretty, Aldi has the cheapest bird food around. It's much cheaper than Home Depot, where I was spending nearly double on the same, albeit different brand, but ingredients are the same. I currently have a female Cardinal on my chalet.

My friend, Karen, whom if reading this needs to respond to my email from like a month ago ;), recommended author Paul Gallico on her last blog post. I got this and "Mrs. 'Arris Goes To Paris". The writing is very well done, but these three short stories were a bit sad. I like the whole happy ending kind of story, but I understand that isn't always realistic. I began Mrs. 'Arris last night. Last week I read Sadie Robertson's book called "Live Original". I. Loved. It. I sent it to my niece after reading it. Being a teenage girl is tough stuff. I hope Rea enjoys it. Here is an excert from it:

I hope everyone has an awesome week! Dinner will be vegetable soup and Pamela's cornbread. Or maybe tomato basil soup. I'll decide tonight. Maybe Gluten Free Brownies and whipped topping will be included. Maybe. It is almost swimsuit season. 

21 March 2015

It Will Be Okay

Sometimes the titles of my posts are the most difficult part. I'm not that creative. When I was deciding my major for college, I went back and forth on going to Georgetown and majoring in Journalism or going to American InterContinental University and majoring in Fashion Marketing. Those are my two loves: words and clothes. I'd planned on joining them together, alas that has not happened. I'm good at writing the concrete facts and putting it together as in Journalism, so creative titles are not my thing.

The last week I have said to myself, "It will be okay" I don't know how many times. As I told a dear relative of mine yesterday, it all came at once last week. She said it always does, but sometimes that's a good thing. It's sometimes good to have it all come at once than be prolonged. It's currently still being prolonged but it's getting better. I suppose I'm being rather cryptic so here it is.

First, I lost my job. I worked for a Carribean medical school's alumni association. It's not something that I planned on doing, but the opportunity was available and I was grateful for the income and relatively easy work. The school didn't have the funding for the position any longer. So, with my handicaps, I'm looking for work again. Unfortunately, my husband's job is experiencing issues as well. I won't go into detail, but he is on commission and is not being paid because the company is having problems with their product. It is supposed to be up and running in April. Unfortunately we have to pay a lot of money this week in order for my daughter to start college. We have it in savings, thankfully. 

When Alexander left for the Army in January 2014, I was more scared for him than sad. Alex and Anne came every summer then they both moved in 9 and 5 years ago respectively. Nick had lived with us longer, but I was actually fine with him leaving. It was time. I knew that he would get a steady paycheck and have what he needed. I always took care of him, but he has always been his father's son. But with Anne, that is different. For some reason it hurt way more. She and I are very close for one thing. She was always close with her biological mother, but when that relationship crashed and burned she turned towards me more than Alex. He, in my opinion, has always been more misogynistic because of his sour relationship with his biological mother. Only women teachers have done him wrong, that kind of thing. That's another reason why I think the Army is good for him. Anyhoo, when Anne left on Monday, it likedta killed me. It hurt so bad. But, cleaning up her disasterous room seemed to help. It was saying, okay, it's time to move on.
Then my youngest son turned 17 this week. I mean, 17?! When did that happen? How is that possible that it was 17 years ago that he was born? This is his last year as a child and that hit me like a ton of bricks. I realized that he too will be leaving the nest. I think he will stay with us as long as possible. He's looking at going to a technical school/community college locally, so that's good. As you can see, I'm going to have to get a duvet for the bed as Anne took it, but that's the least of our financial priorities right now. William, the Mr., and Will's girlfriend and I went to a hibachi grill last night. If you follow me on Instagram you've seen the video of the fire and this picture of my plate. 
It was SO delicious. I honestly didn't get to finish even half of what they gave me. I highly recommend Haiku Japanese Steakhouse if you're in the Atlanta area. The meat was fresh and the atmosphere was clean. It needed a bit more light, but otherwise it was good. I was surprised how good their sweet tea was being a Japanese place and all.  The staff is authentically Japanese that run the restaurant. 

As you can see, it's been a bit tough of a few weeks for us between the car breaking down, losing my job, and the children leaving, but "It will all be okay". I'm thinking sausage balls for breakfast. 

18 March 2015

Come Back!

My oldest has been in town on leave from the Army. We've been spending time with him. This is one of the reasons why I have been intermittently posting. The other is that I've been helping my daughter pack. She and my oldest left on Monday night and are headed to LA. WAH!!! 

I can't believe she is old enough to be out on her own, let alone live 2,000 miles away. I'm so proud of her, but of course I'm nervous for her as any mother would be. Alex rode with her, which was such a relief. It was an adventure getting her out the door. Two days before she was supposed to leave someone backed into her car. They asked her not to call the cops as they were drunk and gave her cash to buy a new car so on Monday morning she bought a car then I went to the DMV to get her tag while she was packing. They loaded up the car and around 9pm they took off. I held it together until they pulled away and then I simply LOST IT. Seriously, I balled for two hours. 

Aren't my boys, ahem, men handsome? Soon my baby will be as tall as his big brother. We had many adventures and emotions, but I am beyond proud of my children, all 3 of them. 

13 March 2015


For Today
January 21, 2015

Outside my window... a ladder backed woodpecker is pecking away the last of a brick of suet. The sky is gray and dark, and it looks like it's lightly raining. This is the only chilly day we have had recently and will have for the next ten days so I shouldn't complain, but's just so dreary!

I am thinking... that I hope to someday go to PFW (Paris Fashion Week). 

I am thankful... that we have been able to see our son, albeit briefly. He's starting air assault school in June and then will probably be deployed afterwards. It makes the few moments we see him special. 

I am wearing... emerald green long sleeve v-neck t-shirt and Christmas pajama bottoms. Mother has never been a sweatpant/legging girl. Casual is jeans or khakis. I'm quite fine with leggings, thank you, but today, with the gloominess and time change difficulties, I'm going to stick with pajama bottoms. 

I am creating... our budget. The Mr. and I have joined Financial Peace University and this week we are to do a zero based budget. For this free spirit, it ain't easy.

I am going... nowhere today. Like the wicked witch, I'm afraid I'll melt in rain. ;)

I am wondering... if race relations will ever be settled.

I am reading... Wife in Law by Haywood Smith. This week's magazine is Porter.

I am hoping... to do better in my eating this week. Yesterday all I ate is oatmeal at 10 am then french fries topped with taco meat and cheese at 5. So, no vegetables or fruit and lots of fat. I purchased Tone It Up Nutritional Plan, but have yet to start. 

I am learning... to let go as instructed to by Elsa.

Around the house... cleaning and organizing and purging.  

In the kitchen... I have no idea what I'm making for the day. I've been slacking on meal planning. Dinner will probably be salmon patties, but don't quote me on it. I have a peanut butter pie though.

A favorite quote for today... Rose: I hate, loathe, despise, and abominate money! Father: You spend it too. (Meet Me In St. Louis)

One of my favorite things... is listening to my family laugh together. 

A few plans for this week: not much. I expect it will be a quiet weekend.

A peek into one of my days from this week... here is a picture of my husband and son seeing each other for the first time in a year.

09 March 2015

Monday Musings

Did everyone have a good weekend?

Ours was pretty good. It ended up different than I thought it would, but that's alright. Our only car decided to stall. Thankfully we were not on the highway, but pulling into my husband's office parking lot. My husband knows a lot about cars and his fear was a fuel pump, which on a Cadillac, are quite spendy. We had it towed and one of his co-workers brought us home. We had the weekend here and honestly, it was very productive. I went through the closets and used the Magic of Tidying Up regimen to go through the clothes, books, etc. I have a pile for charity and listed a bunch of stuff on Amazon, Etsy, and Craigslist. Some items have already sold. We found out the car, which ended up only being a sensor ($200+ less than a pump!) will be fixed this afternoon! I didn't make it to the outlets, but they won't be going anywhere.

In the cleaning and organizing I was able to put away the tweeds and wools. I know we technically have until March 20th to wear them, but after looking at the temperatures, they will NOT be needed. The lows will be in the 50's so I kept out the cotton sweaters and my barn coat, but made plenty of room for those to be put away in the next few weeks. 

Revlon ColorStay Gel Envy is seriously the best nail polish I've ever used outside of Chanel. It lasted through cleaning my entire kitchen and bathroom. It goes on perfectly and shiny. I find it lasts about 3-4 days, which is longer than Essie or OPI, and costs much less. Winning!

Y'all have got to check out Queen Bee Comes Home Again. It's hilarious! If you like Southern fiction that isn't an emotional rollercoaster (a la Divine Secrets of the Ya-Ya Sisterhood) you have to check out Haywood Smith. I was reading and reading when on Saturday my husband came over to me and said "you know we leave in 5 minutes" and I was still in my pajamas, oops!

Dinner will be parmesan chicken and big salad.

Tomorrow is my oldest son's 21st birthday. We won't be able to see him, but are thankful he's back in the States. So since we know he will be doing on his big birthday, my husband and I will have some spirits to celebrate too. And pie. 

What are your plans for the week?

06 March 2015

The Archers

Around two years ago I began listening to The Archers podcast on my iPhone. It took me a few weeks to know which voice belonged to whom, and then read the character bios on the who's who page. Once I learned the characters stories and put the voice to the names, I was hooked.

Basically, the series is set in the fictional town of Ambridge in the Midlands region of England. It is a sleepy rural area so you hear a lot of mooing and baaahs. There are the family farmers, corporate farmers, those that do contractual work, and general people of the community like shop owners, vicar, etc. There have been a few unpleasant storylines like Ruth's miscarriage and Roy's affair, but they are not violent nor in your face disgusting. But this week...there was a massive flood. It's been 5 days (each episode is 13 minutes) of finding people, resuscitation, puppies and horses being lost, Rob (the evil one) hitting his head, and so on. At first, I was like, this is getting good (hey, I grew up on Days of Our Lives), but now, I don't like it.

I listen to The Archers for serenity. To remind myself of being in the small town in which I grew up (and is buried under feet of snow). I can visualize the picturesque farms with rolling green hills with sheep. I can visualize the milk parlors with cows chewing on clover while being milked either by hand or even, gasp, a machine. This has been a recent storyline with the daughter (Pip) of one of the farmer's (David) wanting to modernize the farm with robotic milking. Now, there may not be a farm to use.

I hope that BBC writers will listen to those of us that want the gentle farm life, not where are they.

04 March 2015

oh why not, or tulle anyone?

 The other day I was perusing Lauren Conrad's blog. She announced her new collection at Kohl's to coincide with the new Cinderella movie that will be released on the 13th. Cinderella is my second favorite Disney movie (after Beauty and the Beast-hello, a brunette with brains, gold dress, and singing tableware) and plan to see it (not in the theater as I'm not paying a gazillion bucks to go to the theater...I'd rather have jewelry ;) Anyway, even though it's totally not my style, the collection is cute! Is it fitting for my 30+ self to wear tulle? Probably not. Again, it's not really my style, but if one is wanting to feel the ultimate in girly perfection, I think this is the first place to go.
This skirt comes in 3 shades, including a pretty floral. See, girlie perfection!
Now  I would totally wear this dress. It's really sweet and may be perfect for Easter in either this blue or pink. It even has a bow in the back.
This tank is very sweet as well. It comes in pale blue, pale pink, and white. In my opinion, it would be cuter with white jeans, more than the blue in the picture. 

There are other items such as a sweater with a glass slipper, mesh dress, and a foil t-shirt and tank.

02 March 2015

Monday Morning Musings

Happy Monday! I'm not feeling particularly chipper today. It was midnight before I fell asleep last night and I woke up at 6 am, so I am 2 hours short of sleep. I don't do well on less than 7-8 hours of sleep. I forced myself to get up at 8:30 after trying for hours to fall back asleep with podcasts. Thankfully we live less than 5 minutes from Starbucks. So armed with an Iced Caramel coffee with an extra espresso shot and cream and a bacon biscuit from McD's, let's do this.

  • This Black Bean soup recipe from Real Simple is literally (a la Chris Traeger) the easiest soup recipe. It's my husband's favorite and has only 4 ingredients (not counting toppings). The key is the fresh salsa.
  • Lilly Pulitzer has a free gift TODAY ONLY. You'll get a cute pair of earrings with any purchase. I'm dying for these shorts. Yesterday was #ShiftToSpring. My only shift is primarily white and I'm Southern so it would totally be a faux pas to wear it, but Easter is in a month! 
  • It appears to be finale week on PBS. Last night's Downton and tonight's Great British Bake Off both! I mean, why PBS, why? You are taking away my favorite shows at the same time! It's weird to me that British shows have such short seasons. American season's are typically 20 or so episodes, but British appear to be 10 or less. They must have a ton of reruns over there.
  • For my Northern readers, I saw about 20 or so American Robins in my yard! You know what that means, right? Spring is actually going to make an appearance! We will be 70 on Wednesday, but 39 the next day, so it won't last long. Soon though, windows will be down and flip flops will be on. I must start lathering Burt's Bees Foot Lotion and cover with socks in preparation. 
  • Here in Atlanta we have a new radio station. I was flipping through and heard a Ludacris song and of course I had to stop and listen. It reminded me of Freaknik. That was a weird time. I remember being on 75/85 in my Nissan Stanza and stuck. I couldn't move! All of these people were getting out of their cars and picking each other up. This was my first time observing this and I'll admit that I was a little scared being a white girl from Kentucky. I had just left Scott's Antique Market looking for vintage clothes for my History of Fashion class. The next few years I avoided downtown until it stopped. It was a fun memory though of the party in the street like Mardi Gras, and just the one song brought back that memory.
I hope everyone has an ab fab week! Put your lipstick on, grab some coffee, and get it done!

P.S. blue and black or white and gold?


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