18 March 2015

Come Back!

My oldest has been in town on leave from the Army. We've been spending time with him. This is one of the reasons why I have been intermittently posting. The other is that I've been helping my daughter pack. She and my oldest left on Monday night and are headed to LA. WAH!!! 

I can't believe she is old enough to be out on her own, let alone live 2,000 miles away. I'm so proud of her, but of course I'm nervous for her as any mother would be. Alex rode with her, which was such a relief. It was an adventure getting her out the door. Two days before she was supposed to leave someone backed into her car. They asked her not to call the cops as they were drunk and gave her cash to buy a new car so on Monday morning she bought a car then I went to the DMV to get her tag while she was packing. They loaded up the car and around 9pm they took off. I held it together until they pulled away and then I simply LOST IT. Seriously, I balled for two hours. 

Aren't my boys, ahem, men handsome? Soon my baby will be as tall as his big brother. We had many adventures and emotions, but I am beyond proud of my children, all 3 of them. 


  1. The little birds flying away for the first time...an empty nest...I took it so hard when the first three left home, I dreaded even thinking of the last one leaving...then life got crazy, my husband died suddenly, it was just kid #4 and me for a while...and then I was the one to leave home! I remarried and bought a new house, kid #4 bought my house from me...and we all seem to be fine, as you will be. I still miss those days, the kids, their friends, our adventures, but I have enough great memories to last a lifetime, and I'm sure you do too!

    Wipe your eyes, blow your nose and chin up...and on to the next adventure!


  2. PS...great photos, beautiful family!

  3. Thank you Jan for the kind sentiments! I'm sad but so thankful for the youngest still here. You're right though about the next adventure. Now to figure out what that will be!


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