25 March 2015

Fifteen Minutes to Myself

Do you ever feel like you have no time to yourself? If you're a mother, or even puppy mother, you really don't unless your children are in school and you're a SAHM/SAHF. I was a homeschooling mother for years and then my husband began working from home. I was like, seriously, can I not have enough time alone to at least use the loo in private?!

When my son was a baby my mother was driving 350 miles to help out every weekend for the first month of his teeny tiny life. She told me to go into the bathroom and take a long hot shower then lay down. She probably doesn't know but that set me up for a lifetime of fifteen minute breaks. When I had the children yelling and then husband needing attention, I was spent. So, within the first year of marriage I began the whole "mommy needs fifteen minutes alone or you'll pay" thing. In the afternoon I would take fifteen minutes to read with sweet iced tea beside me, call my grandmothers or mothers, write a letter, or just rest in order to get through the day.

At night, I felt I knew I needed something to help me calm down. Reading has always been my go-to, and continues to this day, but I felt like I needed that time alone as I read with my husband beside me. So, no matter what is happening, I take a fifteen minute bath. In the past this included bubbles, books, and sometimes candles. Now I do epsom salt, essential oils, and Pinterest on my phone.

What do you do for yourself that is just fifteen minutes but makes your day far superior?


  1. I do love a hot bath, but if I take s bath, I also take a book...and then bath time takes about an hour...begrudgingly.
    My 15 minutes destressing is usually comprised of a Bible study or cooking. There's just something about chopping veggies! Hahaha...
    xoxo C

  2. I set a timer when I bring in a book with me as I used to do the same. bible study time is great!

  3. i love this, i definitely feel like i ahve no time to myself. i need to carve out 15 minutes

  4. Do it! It's being intentional with your time and demanding your family to respect it.


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