27 March 2015

Friday Five

Both my husband and Bry said to me that they cannot believe today is Friday. It definitely seems like Friday to me! For some weird reason we've hit a chilly snap so I'm thinking Netflix binge watching and coffee.


Lilly Pulitzer for Target Lookbook: I'm more of an Old-School Prep, but I do love me some Lilly. Even though I'm no longer in the plus sizes, I love that that will be an option. The home products are my favorite; bar cart and hammock FTW! The only clothing item that i love is the maxi dress. I love the Lilly maxi's.The collaboration starts on April 19th for a limited time.

Downton's last season: As a Downton fan (minus a bit of season 4), I'm saddened by this coming season (6) being it's last. As far as seasons for British shows, this one has lasted a long time. I'm excited by the possible story lines to tie the series up in a nice and tidy bow.

Even though I am Georgian, I lived my formative years in Kentucky and wholeheartedly hope that the Wildcats go all the way. Being 37-0 is a good indication that they will!

Unique Baby Nicknames by State: This is so funny. Georgia's is Minibuns Sugarbutt. Hahaha!

Starbucks Secret Menu: I'd heard about this on Pinterest, but then promptly forgot about it until I saw that I had a free drink thanks to my Starbucks Rewards so I looked up something to get for free that is different than my usual venti skinny Iced Caramel. So, I got a Caramel Snickerdoodle Macchiato (full fat). Oh My. Starbucks is also offering a limited edition birthday Frappaucino. I'm not a raspberry fan, but if you are then give it a go. See if there's something you'd like...

I hope you all have a most wonderful weekend! See ya next week!

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