It Will Be Okay

Sometimes the titles of my posts are the most difficult part. I'm not that creative. When I was deciding my major for college, I went back and forth on going to Georgetown and majoring in Journalism or going to American InterContinental University and majoring in Fashion Marketing. Those are my two loves: words and clothes. I'd planned on joining them together, alas that has not happened. I'm good at writing the concrete facts and putting it together as in Journalism, so creative titles are not my thing.

The last week I have said to myself, "It will be okay" I don't know how many times. As I told a dear relative of mine yesterday, it all came at once last week. She said it always does, but sometimes that's a good thing. It's sometimes good to have it all come at once than be prolonged. It's currently still being prolonged but it's getting better. I suppose I'm being rather cryptic so here it is.

First, I lost my job. I worked for a Carribean medical school's alumni association. It's not something that I planned on doing, but the opportunity was available and I was grateful for the income and relatively easy work. The school didn't have the funding for the position any longer. So, with my handicaps, I'm looking for work again. Unfortunately, my husband's job is experiencing issues as well. I won't go into detail, but he is on commission and is not being paid because the company is having problems with their product. It is supposed to be up and running in April. Unfortunately we have to pay a lot of money this week in order for my daughter to start college. We have it in savings, thankfully. 

When Alexander left for the Army in January 2014, I was more scared for him than sad. Alex and Anne came every summer then they both moved in 9 and 5 years ago respectively. Nick had lived with us longer, but I was actually fine with him leaving. It was time. I knew that he would get a steady paycheck and have what he needed. I always took care of him, but he has always been his father's son. But with Anne, that is different. For some reason it hurt way more. She and I are very close for one thing. She was always close with her biological mother, but when that relationship crashed and burned she turned towards me more than Alex. He, in my opinion, has always been more misogynistic because of his sour relationship with his biological mother. Only women teachers have done him wrong, that kind of thing. That's another reason why I think the Army is good for him. Anyhoo, when Anne left on Monday, it likedta killed me. It hurt so bad. But, cleaning up her disasterous room seemed to help. It was saying, okay, it's time to move on.
Then my youngest son turned 17 this week. I mean, 17?! When did that happen? How is that possible that it was 17 years ago that he was born? This is his last year as a child and that hit me like a ton of bricks. I realized that he too will be leaving the nest. I think he will stay with us as long as possible. He's looking at going to a technical school/community college locally, so that's good. As you can see, I'm going to have to get a duvet for the bed as Anne took it, but that's the least of our financial priorities right now. William, the Mr., and Will's girlfriend and I went to a hibachi grill last night. If you follow me on Instagram you've seen the video of the fire and this picture of my plate. 
It was SO delicious. I honestly didn't get to finish even half of what they gave me. I highly recommend Haiku Japanese Steakhouse if you're in the Atlanta area. The meat was fresh and the atmosphere was clean. It needed a bit more light, but otherwise it was good. I was surprised how good their sweet tea was being a Japanese place and all.  The staff is authentically Japanese that run the restaurant. 

As you can see, it's been a bit tough of a few weeks for us between the car breaking down, losing my job, and the children leaving, but "It will all be okay". I'm thinking sausage balls for breakfast. 


  1. With a heart like yours, only love and growth can come from trials and tears.
    I can't help but laugh about Michaela's room. :) I learned so much about cleaning after I moved out. I didn't even know milk spoiled if left in a bowl on a desk. Lol.
    If you need anything - I will bring a hug with me to Georgia in a month!
    Xoxo Caroline

  2. I'm ready for your hugs!

    Thank you for your kind words here and on Instagram.

  3. Poor thing! So much going on. Please know I'm thinking of you and sending good ju ju your way.

  4. Thank you so much Whitney! I appreciate all the good ju ju you've got.


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