04 March 2015

oh why not, or tulle anyone?

 The other day I was perusing Lauren Conrad's blog. She announced her new collection at Kohl's to coincide with the new Cinderella movie that will be released on the 13th. Cinderella is my second favorite Disney movie (after Beauty and the Beast-hello, a brunette with brains, gold dress, and singing tableware) and plan to see it (not in the theater as I'm not paying a gazillion bucks to go to the theater...I'd rather have jewelry ;) Anyway, even though it's totally not my style, the collection is cute! Is it fitting for my 30+ self to wear tulle? Probably not. Again, it's not really my style, but if one is wanting to feel the ultimate in girly perfection, I think this is the first place to go.
This skirt comes in 3 shades, including a pretty floral. See, girlie perfection!
Now  I would totally wear this dress. It's really sweet and may be perfect for Easter in either this blue or pink. It even has a bow in the back.
This tank is very sweet as well. It comes in pale blue, pale pink, and white. In my opinion, it would be cuter with white jeans, more than the blue in the picture. 

There are other items such as a sweater with a glass slipper, mesh dress, and a foil t-shirt and tank.

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