17 April 2015

Happy Weekend

It's been a gloomy week in Atlanta, but it's held the tree pollen from a very high to high, so at least there's that good news. My husband and I are going to Ikea for the first time ever. I'm kind of excited!

Every prep is either happy about the Lilly for Target or really upset about it. I'm fine with it except for already seeing that somehow it's already being sold on eBay for triple the price, and it's not even on the market yet. That really irritated me. Real Lilly lovers want to have a chance to get it, and this was/is their opportunity to find it at a very reasonable price. To mark it up, pre-sale, is ethically wrong. I understand and love capitalism, yet, why ruin this opportunity for those that cannot afford regular priced Lilly?

This Nike video is for anyone that struggles with working out. I began working out for the first time since my back surgery when I woke up unable to feel my feet in May 2013. I totally feel this way, but love the way the video ends.

I do not wear a lot of lipstick, which is ironic considering my lips are my best facial feature. My gal pal Shirley posted this article for 21 Genius Lipstick Hacks. The broken eyeshadow hack is seriously ingenious. 

What is everyone's plans for this weekend?

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