07 April 2015

Marley Lilly Flash Sale

(All images from Marley Lilly's Twitter feed.) I'm dying over this bow!

I love me a monogram...anything. To quote Oscar winner Reese Witherspoon "My rule is, if it's not moving monogram it". Smart girl! Someday I want to get monogram bedding, but that's not a reality at this stage. However, a monogram sale? I'm on it like a fly on honey! Marley Lilly has the cutest monogram items. These are more preppy than WASPy, but I love them nevertheless. Through tomorrow ML is having a flash sale. I'm still having to use my iPad to write this so I don't have all the links, but here is the main link to check out the fabulous flash sale https://marleylilly.com/category/flash-sale/. 

These super adorable lounge shorts are on sale for $24.99. If a certain child, or all 3 pooled their resources, I would not be disappointed to get the pink seersucker ones for Mother's Day (May 10th). These would  make a cute graduation gift.
This would also make a great graduation gift, or Mother's Day gift. It is only $16.99! What a steal!
Everybody, male or female, needs a dignet ring. I have mine from high school and love it. If you have a sweet 16 party to attend, this would be a great gift. It's on sale for $24.99. There are matching earrings as well.
I've recently joined Tone It Up's Bikini challenge and these shorts would be great for working out. If you're a runner especially (I am not!). These are regularly $34.99, but through tomorrow they are on sale for $28.99.
Last but not least, these hats are perfect for the Derby, which is in only 25 days away, so you'd best get to ordering! 

There are many other cute buys so go here and check them out: https://marleylilly.com/category/flash-sale/


  1. I am so with you on this...I love me a monogram! I have a necklace that I've had about 30 years, just ordered one for my daughter! I even knitted matching sweaters for my boys when they were 1 and 3 and had them monogrammed! Yeppers, love me those, monograms, lol!


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