15 April 2015

More Love Letters


My Sundays begin with putting on comfortable weather appropriate clothing, grabbing my keys, wallet and phone, and heading out. My first stop is Starbucks or DD. Then I sometimes go to McD's to get a bacon and cheese biscuit. Last, I stop in Publix and get a double paper. I give my cashier my extra paper (after I've taken out the coupons, obv.), which she tells me how I've blessed her (so sweet) and then head home. 

Once home I start reading the paper. A few weeks ago I came across this article in Parade magazine. In the article, More Love Letters is mentioned. My husband has written me one love letter, which was written in our dating period. That letter was in my wallet and that wallet was stolen. But they are not necessarily talking about actual I'm in love with you letters, but also showing random strangers love.

Everybody has a bad day. Everybody wants to feel loved, wanted, needed. Everyone likes to think that someone cares. It's a website/company that began when a girl that was dealing with depression began writing notes in her notebook that she left all over NYC. Just encouraging others made her feel good. This led Hannah to create a website asking people if they needed help. There's a page there that gives a listing of people that need a little encouragement and where to send the letters. I mean, who wouldn't love that?!

I'm in love with Rifle Paper Company for stationery. It is soooo cute. However, anything from the dollar store or even legal pad will work. Surprising people with encouragement is what matters most.

P.S. Isn't this iPhone case adorable? 

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