The Cambridge's Anniversary

Happy Anniversary to my favorite royal couple, Duke and Duchess of Cambridge. As an anglophile, I was so excited to watch every minute of the wedding from the crowds, Prince Harry whispering how beautiful Catherine is to Prince William, to Prince William driving his father's Aston Martin and driving them off to their honeymoon.
 A few years later, this beautiful boy, Prince George, was born. He looks so healthy and happy. I hope he remains to be so.
The Duchess is due from mid-late April with "the spare" (Prince George is "the heir). Today, the Duchess was spotted going from her home at 1 Kensington to Buckningham Palace where she swims in the palace indoor pool. I hope she and Prince William have a nice anniversary and induce that baby! ;)


  1. I just would hate to be past due waiting for that baby to arrive... do you think the pink ribbons on the pastry boxes they gave to their fans waiting at the hospital were a hint?

    1. Because she is a royal, I don't think they would allow her to go too far overdue.

      Prince Charles has said on a few occassions that he hopes the baby is a girl, so between that, the pink boxes, and the pink coat she wore on her last public appearance indicate that she is having a girl. Hopefully soon we'll find out!

  2. They seem a very lovely couple. Down to Earth and making a nice family for themselves.



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