10 April 2015

Tone It Up Bikini Series

A few years ago I found out about Tone It Up (http://toneitup.com). It's a lifestyle program to get one fit. They talk nutrition, exercise, and more. The trainers are Karena and Katrina and their sweet, fun, and the right amount of energetic.  

So, about a year ago I purchased their Nutritional Plan, but honestly never really did anything with it. I'm a biscuit girl, not a granola girl. I've also used the excuse of not being able to eat greens because of the medication I take for my blood thinner. Wellll, my hematologist changed it a few weeks ago to one that means I CAN eat greens. This is so inconvenient of her. ;) Now that I can eat kale I can eat most of what's in the plan. I still hate quinoa though and granola. My naturapathic husband keeps telling me that I can train my tongue from biscuits and gravy to quinoa bowls. Um, well, doubty. Now I suppose I'll find out. 

I did the unthinkable and committed to do TIU's Bikini Series. I received my meal plan and recipes. I'm going grocery shopping, hoping I can find most of the ingredients at Trader Joe's instead of Whole Foods, as WF is much more expensive. I cannot do a lot of the workouts because of my stomach, ankle, and back surgeries. But, I will do the ones I can! That, I am actually excited for. In the weight I have already lost, I have saggy skin that I hope to tone up in addition to losing more weight. I don't have another 50 pounds to lose, but I have plenty. I swannee most of my weight is in my chest and butt. It's not easy to look thin when you're a D-cup. I've gone down 3 sizes all over, but not much in that area.

Sooo, who wants to sign up and do the series with me? Please say yes! I need accountability outside of my husband, whom will be SUPER supportive, but this is kind of his job and he's a boy. I want a fun girl to help me. Just check it out (http://toneitup.com) and comment or tweet me @vintagewasp if interested.

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