22 April 2015

Earth Day WASP Style

When married to a naturopathic doctor, you're surrounded by all things hippie. Add being a former homeschooling mother to the equation and that means super granola hippie surroundings. I was the only homeschooling mom at the park in Lauren reading Vogue. Anyhoo, I personally do not believe that there should be one day that we are grateful for the planet in which we live and everything on it. However, I do appreciate the attention being brought to taking care of the Earth. So, as a WASP married to a N.D., let me share how we "do" Earth Day every day. 
  1. Eat organic vegetables. I think we all know that organic foods are healthier for us. Now, before you get on the I can't afford Whole Foods listen to me. Aldi sells organic foods for half the price of Whole Foods. Also, you really only need to get the stuff on the dirty dozen (basically anything without a shell or grown underground).
  2. Use reusable bags. (Okay, I must fess up to Ziploc for frozen vegetables.) If you're wanting preppy bags, Lilly's are adorable. I use Trader Joe's as they have old-fashioned bags and freezer ones at good prices.
  3. Reusable water bottles and coffee cups. Around the house, we have almost zero plastic except for 1 water bottle that my husband uses for his biking excursions. Otherwise it's all glass or stainless steel. I have a steel Starbucks cup for my iced coffee that I wash and bring with me, and if I could tolerate hot coffee I would buy one for the hot coffee. I do have an insulated stainless steel one for hot cocoa and ice water. I like Kleen Kanteen for stainless steel. We use Mason jars around the house. I just got the purple ones and they are cute (the blue are my absolute favorite though).
  4. Eat leftovers. I've forced my children to eat any leftovers, or I sent them to work with my husband. I've been on the Bento bandwagon for years. You can make soup out of chicken and vegetables or put them on a salad. If you really don't want the leftovers either compost, or send them out the back door for the animals.
  5. Drive as little as possible. Many cities have public transportation. Honestly, our public transportation (MARTA) is horrible so unless we need to go downtown we don't use it. If that's not your thang, then try to make your trips as close together as possible. For instance, yesterday after working out I went to Costco. Then since I was nearby (and after my husband and son texted me with requests), I went to Trader Joe's and Aldi. Sometimes it's insane how much I grocery shop. However, I go to these places only when they are somewhere else I'm planning to be at nearby. 
Well, these are just a few things that we do in our house to help the Earth (and our wallets). Please remember that  it doesn't have to be Earth Day or require eating granola to be appreciative of our planet and be kind to it. And, if you buy Starbucks mugs and Lilly Pulitzer bags, you can look cute celebrating Earth Day every day too.

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