07 May 2015

Southern WASP Home

The South
"While the New Englander can precisely detail the life of every member of her family back to 1620, the Southern Prep tends to emphasize her family history only back to the genteel decades preceding the War of Northern Aggression. This is because many Southern Preppy families only became “established” in those decades, as they grew rich off of their Peculiar Institution. As such, the Southern Preppy interior is newer and more feminine than its New England counterpart. Like the New England Prep, the Southern Prep is influenced by Colonial décor, but the Victorian era brought muted colors and sumptuous fabrics to the Southern Preppy Home, and the Art Deco period lent clean lines and geometric shapes. Post-WWII interior design is not for Preps.

All true Southern Preps are descended from at least one Confederate General, and his large portrait, in muted oils (done in uniform of course) hangs like a badge of honor in the formal living room. Non-primary colors, floral prints and stripes abound in the Southern Preppy Home. While it might include the time-honored traditional preppy colors, a Southern Preppy Home might also have a formal living room done in pinks and greens, or a dining room with coral walls. While the New England Prep might consider a Southern Preppy Home to be showy or even a bit gaudy, the Southern Prep would likely believe the New Englander’s home to be drab, shabby and possibly outdated."

Updated Preppy Handbook

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