05 May 2015

Tuesday Thoughts

I usually do Monday Musings posts, but this week I already got behind. I'm out of my routine as my yongest son is doing testing at a university a bit away. My wifi connection was spotty at Barnes & Nobles. So I didn't get it out yesterday, so I'm doing it today as I have many thoughts that I want to share, consequently this is called Tuesday Thoughts. :)

Oh how I love the new princess' name! For a week now I have subscribed to Kensington Palace tweets in preparation for the birth of the new baby so when I got the tweet alert that she had a name I was beyond excited. I think B and Bry are getting a bit irritated by all things princess, but they can get over it. Her Royal Highness Princess Charlotte (feminine version of grandfather Charles) Elizabeth (her great-grandmother the Queen, as well as the middle name of Duchess Catherine and her mother Carole) Diana (her grandmother) of Cambridge is quite a name for a 8 pound preciousness but that's how royals do it. I love the occupations of the parents, Prince and Princess of the United Kingdom. Really Prince William is also a search and rescue helicopter pilot in addition as prince. And Princess Kate is a stay-at-home mummy when not on princess duty. I almost feel sad that the anticipation of it all is over, but maybe Princess Kate or Crown Princess Victoria (of Sweden) will have more as they produce my favorite royal babies. Princess Estelle is a few years old now...

So, I'm currently sitting at Starbucks typing this in the most uncomfortable chairs, but that doesn't matter. What does matter is that I have free wifi (that works!) and smores iced coffee! I asked them to change their smores frauppaucino/latte into a iced coffee. It took the barista a few minutes to figure it out, but oh. my. heavens. It is sooo good. I won't get any milk next time as there's marshmallow fluff in it and whipped cream on top. Oh law. I don't need the extra calories. Still, it is delicious and highly recommended. By the way, if you get the iced coffee, you'll save about $2. My oldest was a barista a couple years ago at Starbucks and gave me the tip. You just tell them to replace the classic syrup with whatever flavor you want. 

Speaking of calories, I'm still doing the Bikini Series, sort of. I'm not exactly following it to the T. I have had some serious issues since beginning the plan and have gained about 10 pounds and am in pain from pulling something in my stomach where I had incisional hernia surgery a year ago. So, though I'm still doing most of the exercises, it is modified. And, since I can't do the extra walking, I've cut back how many meals I eat a day. I just can't do 5 meals a day. I think that has contributed to the weight gain, that and, um, lack of elimination, if you catch my jest. So, I love K & K (trainers), but the plan isn't exactly for me. 

Okay, Met Gala. I'm not going to go into all of it, but basically, why was everyone (as Jeff Foxworthy says) nekkid? How is this pretty? Now, don't me wrong, she looks Ahmazing, truly. Beyonce is curvalicious, BUT, couldn't she look just as curvalicious with more clothes on? J Lo and Kim Kardashian had similar dresses. Want to know my favorite from last night's gala?

This isn't the best image, as she blends in with the red carpet, but this is glamour go me. Amal Clooney looked modest, yet showed her bodaciousness. Reese Witherspoon also looked beautiful, but she rarely looks anything but classically beautiful.

Are y'all ready for Mother's Day? Mother's gift has been ordered and should arrive in time and cards have been mailed to her and Nana. My B and Will have asked what I want to do. I'd love to do this...
alas, I think it will be lunch and church. That's fine with me. This will be my first Mother's Day sans my daughter in Atlanta, but that's okay. I'm proud of her finding her way. My mother sent me 400 miles away as she wanted me to fly. I appreciate her sending me (I'm the baby) to do what I wanted to do. I think because of knowing that I left and lived to tell about it, I feel okay with Anne doing her thing, granted she's much futher away than 400 miles. There's a lot about my mother that I love and appreciate, and I know that she expected me to eventally move back home, but letting me roam free is something that I know really appreciate since I'm in that stage. Maybe someday she and I will be able to go on our own and "lose reception" but at our ages we've found ourselves. ;)

Happy Cinco de Mayo! If you're getting your margarita on, be safe! 


  1. Lots of love on this Cinco de Mayo! I hope your body heals quickly...what a bummer!

    Xoxo Caroline

  2. Thanks Caroline! We need to go to Phipps soon. Let me know when you're settled in.


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