15 June 2015

Authenticity in Blogging

Blogging, in my very humble opinion, has lost a lot of it's authenticity. I began blogging on Homeschool Blogger in 2003-ish when I began homeschooling then went to Homestead Blogger until 2008, where I went to Blogspot and have remained since. Basically, I have been in the blog sphere forever and have seen it all.

I can honestly say that 90% of my best gal pals have been made through blogging and social media. My next step is to attend a few of the conventions to see these friends and make more! I love learning  what others are wearing and reading. You can find a blog for whatever interest you have. There's so much good in blogging to be found.

There's also so much negative to be found; snarking and un-authenticity lead the pack in my opinion. There's entire websites that snark on blogs. GOMI needs to get off my internet. The people that snark are so mean. It's one thing to talk about how one writes, but to snark on someone's looks is entirely uncalled for. Why people want to hurt others makes no sense to me.

Blogging began as a online journal for most, even the most popular bloggers. That's how I began. Back in 2007 this was the goal. Now blogging is a career. There's absolutely nothing wrong with making it your career, as long as you stay true to your authentic self. If you can't make a blog post without 50 Reward Style links or answer a Tumblr question without making a sale then you're doing yourself, your blog, and your readers (you know, the people that allowed you to make money in the first place by following your blog) a disservice. I understand getting paid for your job. Like if a reader asks you where to find a purse or Father's Day gift, then sure, you deserve to get paid for searching for this item...especially if you get hundreds of questions a day. Otherwise, I find you annoying.

In the preppy world, Kiel James Patrick and his fiance Sarah Vickers, have created a ton of backlash for seemingly being inauthentic. They are selling a brand, but the problem is they have many young followers that are asking their parents to buy Sarah's $500 Kate Spade dress that she's wearing to showcase the $40 bracelet (which are totally cute, by the way). They're very JFK and Jackie O in aesthetics, but the difference is it was found out they're not filthy rich Kennedy's so they received tons of flack. I actually respect that they're earning a living, but until recently they never said that these are photo shoots, not their actual lives.

Again, this is just me and something that has been on my mind lately. Sometimes I think, why bother? The blogsphere is saturated, but then I remember why I blog...friendship.


  1. I heartily agree. I have stopped following so many blogs for the same reason. On the flip side, between good blogs and Pinterest, I feel as though I don't really need to subscribe to as many magazines (which is nice for the budget). :)
    Xoxo Caroline

  2. Well, I have been blogging since about 2006 and my blogging style has gone through lots of seasons as has my life. I have probably been more authentic than was good for me at times and at times I wish I hadn't shared so much about my family knowing there were people out there just eating that information up and I had no idea they were using it they way they were. I felt like a fool, publically when I realized the life I had blogged about for almost a decade was a charade, though not of my making...but I wrote on and dealt with what I am sure were snickers at my expense. I stopped for a while but I guess it kind of gets in your blood and becomes and outlet. It helps me remember that not all is as painful as it feels.


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