06 June 2015

June's Simple Woman's Daybook

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June 6, 2015

Outside my window...The trees are full, the sky is blue, sun is shining, and there's a cardinal, titmouse, and nuthatch on the new bird feeder. It's nice and warm at 90 degrees, which is common in Atlanta, and will be for the next ten days. 

I am thinking...that everything happens for a reasons and I need to just be patient and rely on God.

I am thankful... for air conditioning. When I get warm, I imagine being in the Georgia heat without air and I feel so grateful that I can go from home to car with air conditioning to a building with it too. Publix was the first grocery store to have it, and it has the best around.

In the kitchen... cream cheese sausage balls and strawberries for brunch; hamburgers, German potato salad, and salad for supper.

I am wearing... black leggings and white T for now, but changing into Lilly tank dress to run errands in a few minutes.

I am creating... care package for baby girl in CA.

I am going... to run errands.

I am wondering... if I should lighten my hair.

I am reading... Ten Beach Road. I am only 2 chapters in and really do not have an opinion, but like that it's based in Atlanta.

I am hoping... that VP Biden finds peace after the death of his son.

I am looking forward to... swimming this summer. After not swimming much the last few years I'm looking forward to it.

I am learning...to use Wordpress with videos.

Around the house... Almost finished with spring cleaning. I need to do some dusting of cobwebs, vents, and pictures. The hard part is finished!

I am pondering... would I prefer to be Anne or Diana's friend more. Am I the only one who visualizes fictional characters as real life people that I could become acquainted with in some fashion?

A favorite quote for today... "This obsession with food and entertaining is not my fault. I grew up on a place where restaurants were few and cooking was of paramount importance. We give food away as presents and peace offerings, and sometimes just because it is so incredibly good that we have no choice but to share it. We tote it to people in times of grief; we use it to say bon voyage or welcome back." Julia Reed

One of my favorite things... Dunkin Donut's chips ahoy creme doughnut. Y'all, I had one yesterday for National Doughnut Day and it was DIVINE.

A few plans for the rest of the week: swim and job hunt.

A peek into my day... last night I pulled out my three newest beauty products that I love and took a Snapchat picture of them. The Batista is seriously good and the tropical scent makes my hair smell so good. The nail polish is Revlon ColorStay Gel in Pocket Aces.

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