11 June 2015

Seersucker Thursdays

In 1997 Former Mississippi Senator Trent Lott started Seersucker Thursday in Congress on the third Thursday of June. The tradition lasted until 2012 when they decided it wasn't "modern" so they stopped it, but Representative Bill Cassidy (as in the Sundance Kid?) made it his mission to get it started again. The photo above is of this year's participants. Aren't they nifty? As Town & Country proclaimed: SQUAD GOALS!

This article in Southern Living shows the best places to get Seersucker in the South, as well as a brief history of the fabric. This dress from Lauren James is the bomb dot com. Seersucker + Bow? Swoon.

L.L. Bean just began their 60% off sale. They have several pieces of seersucker on sale right now. I love the Signature blazer with either the shorts or pants. A few years ago I bought a plum and white seersucker pantsuit from Isaac Mizrahi, but I would love a blue and white dress with blazer. For the men in your life, nothing tops Brooks Brothers seersucker suit. Ralph Lauren has THE CUTEST seersucker outfits for babies. I'm currently wearing a vintage pink and white seersucker tank dress from Lanz.

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  1. Why oh why did you post this?!? Now I want to go shopping. 😜
    Xoxo Caroline

  2. You know I'll be your seersucker shopping enabler. Want me to be your evil shopping angel sending you links? I'll do it like it's my job. :D

  3. Seersucker maternity is about all that's in my future. ;)
    xoxo C


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