10 June 2015

Road to Tara

Two weeks ago one of my best friend's, C, and her daughter, S, and I met at Road to Tara Museum in Jonesboro, Georgia. C and I have been blogging and social media friends for years! She has always lived on the West Coast until a month ago and this was our first IRL meeting. We've always had a lot in common, including Gone With the Wind. I've heard about this museum for a few years but have never wanted to force anyone to go with me so when C moved here, I was like, finally, I don't have to drag anyone! :) The museum has items were at the opening downtown at the Lowes Theater, costumes and set contents, and much more! 

These pictures of Ashley, Scarlett, Rhett, and Melanie were at the opening. They're actual paintings. I'm shocked at they're in such good condition. Personal anecdote: when I was in middle school I dated a cutie pie named Ashley. Poor guy was constantly hearing in a severe Southern accent, "Ashley, oh Ashley". 
This photo has a photobomb of a very sweet and very busy toddler!
One of the theatrical posters. 
This is a long poster and below this is a telephone where you can listen to a recording of behind the scenes. 
Ariel is sitting in seats from the Lowes Theater. Above Ariel is a hand lettered marquee that was also in the theater opening night. 
By far my favorite of Scarlett's dresses-the BBQ dress that she wore in the opening with the twins. 
The famous curtains dress that Scarlett wore to see Capt. Butler in jail. 
Belle Whatley's gown. Oh how I liked Belle. I loved her generous ness. That part where Melanie met with Belle to get money for the soldiers was so genuine...so sweet. When they're talking about their sons. 

I hope you'll stop by and visit the museum. There's more than I took photos of and posted here. It's a Georgia gem! 


  1. Your pix turned out so much better than mine!
    I'm so glad I live close to you now!!!
    xoxo Caroline

  2. Well, your phone is an antique! 😂


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