13 August 2015


One of my sweet readers came onto Southern WASP's Facebook page and said that I am missed a day or so ago so I've re-opened my archives and am stopping by for a quick rock (on my virtual porch). I have had such a busy and fun summer that I decided to take my blog down for a month or so while I was deciding what I wanted to do to it. I'm still learning about Wordpress, but I didn't want to ignore my friends here. I have quite a few posts on Tumblr, as I've always considered it the younger sister to this blog, and have considered moving everything there if I do not choose Wordpress. So, while I learn as well as spend time with my youngest son swimming, socializing, cooking, and lollying about I wanted y'all to know that those that have contacted me just made me smile. In the meantime, come to my Tumblr (updated daily), Twitter, Facebook, and Pinterest.

I hope the rest of your August is spent chasing lightening bugs, relaxing, eating tons of gelato, and preparing your littles for school. Enjoy each and every day.


Editor's Note: I have had to close the comment section because of spam. If you'd like to leave a comment on the Facebook page link above, that would be awesome. I apologize for any inconvenience.


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