30 September 2015

What is in my bag

I am a slightly nosey person. I like seeing the in's and out's of peoples day's, whether it be make-up and skincare routines, meal plans, ways to earn an income, or, and most especially, what people wear and use in a daily basis. Possibly someone will have a better idea than myself to make a meal or use a product that could streamline my daily to do. Some of my favorite blog posts are "what's in my bag" posts so I thought I would do one. Here are a few that I like: Ivanka, Carly, and Jessica. If you do a similar post, please let me know!

Last week I had a doctor's appointment and I thought I would share what I bring with me when I have an appointment that I know may take some time.

Here is the inside of my Vera tote. I always bring some sort of tote. I have two Lilly Pulitzers (one for spring/summer {out of stock but is same pattern as iPad case in picture} and one for autumn/winter) and two Vera Bradley "Vera" totes in seasonal colors as well. I would like a monogrammed Madewell tote in English saddle or this Draper James and may just put it on my list for Santa. What I like about Vera Bradley products is they are machine washable in very gentle cycle. I do not care for some of their recent patterns (too bold!), but love this Ribbons pattern (discontinued).

The inside: 
Voss water (Starbucks Iced Coffee not shown as it was not in my purse but enjoyed nonetheless)
Day Designer planner (this needs it's own post)
Make up case (Forever 21, discontinued, but love this one & it's price tag)
Lilly Pulitzer wristlet (did not have time to change into Ribbons wristlet, has since been changed)
Lilly Pulitzer iPad case (this is amazing-sadly discontinued. It has credit card slots to be used as a clutch. Changed to fall case since photo after Miss Janice recommendation )
Granola bar (in case I get hangry)

Not shown:
Sharpie and silver engraved pen (stolen from the Mister)
Oh Gussie by Kimberly Schlapman (I always carry a book with me when I have long appointments and my iPad with classics downloaded for short appointments) 
iPad (in case)
Hand Sanitizing wipes

Maybe I will do another post that includes my make up routine, if there's interest. What is in your purse?

Here is me the day of my appointment (striped maxi dress, diamond and silver cross, navy J. Crew flip flops, blonder hair, and make up on!).

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28 September 2015

Menu Plan Monday

Hello! How was everyone's weekend? On Saturday, my husband and I went to Costco and Trader Joe's then watched Cinderella. I loved it! I managed to twist my ankle right before Cinderella. It was already hurting me and it rolled under when I went to get the remote. Consequently, I was out of commission yesterday. I have it wrapped up today, but I don't think I'll be getting much work done at my standing desk. I'll do emails and writing activities on my laptop. My capabilities are limited as it has Windows 10 and I have not figured it all out. I mean, where did my right click go?! What are y'all's plans for this week?

With these cooler temperatures, I feel nesting edging in though I'm fighting it with all I have. (I miss my pool! *insert crying emoji here*) The fall produce isn't has exciting as summer, but it will be a nice change. Plus, I can roast vegetables without roasting physically in the heat as well.

Monday- spaghetti squash casserole, black beans, salad (I will cook the spaghetti squash in the slow cooker

Tuesday- Garlic Chicken (sauce from Trader Joe's), roasted carrots, quinoa (use broth instead of water for more flavor)

Wednesday- Roasted cod, roasted beet salad

Thursday- slow cooker pumpkin sausage chili, corn cakes

Friday- Trader Joe's chili lime chicken burgers, sweet potato tater tots

Saturday- taco salad

Sunday- leftovers chili

Breakfasts are:
toast and eggs, Trader Joe's pumpkin pecan oatmeal, bacon and biscuits

Lunches are:
leftovers, wraps and chips, chicken tenders and french fries

fruit and yogurt

25 September 2015


I'm stealing this from sCe. 

Wearing: Our weather has gone all wonky. Just on Tuesday, the high was a sunny 82 and I was at the pool. Today it was 64! In Atlanta! In September! So, I've been caught off guard with my winter clothes in storage boxes. The highs will be in the low to mid 70's for the next week so I'm okay for the most part with what I have but will pull out my leggings and cardigans for days like today. The farmers market will be chilly in the morning and I may just put on my new fleece leggings (Nautica, $13 for 2 pairs at Sam's Club), black cardigan (bought last year), favorite ballet flats, and short sleeve t-shirt as that's all I have out.

Smelling: Vegetable and Black Bean soup on the stove top. I'll make corncakes in a few minutes. I'm leaning towards a apple crisp for dessert.

Listening: Little Women soundtrack. I also hear the rain falling in buckets. 

Atlanta Happenings: There are tons of festivals this weekend, including the Greek Festival, for only $5. You can do hayrides, corn maizes, and pick apples in North Georgia, but I do not find those fun, except for the hayrides. It's like Disney or something. 

Watching: Speaking of Disney, I watched his American Master's special...all 4 hours...last night. It was really interesting, but long. I'm looking forward to the new period show, Indian Summer on PBS. They can do a period show unlike any other network! We are watching all of the new fall shows, although Cedar Cove is ending for the year tomorrow. Sad Farrah.

Eating & Drinking: I'm all about the pumpkin, which outside of coffee I normally hate. I made pumpkin pancakes and bacon last week and it was delicious! At Starbucks, I do not get the pumpkin spice latte as I think it is too milky. I get a Venti Iced Coffee, substitute the classic syrup for double the amount of pumpkin spice, and nonfat milk. 

Reading: Currently, Dancing Through Life by Candace Cameron Bure. I like her positivity and how she lives her faith in Hollywood. Magazine is the Fall 2015 Porter. (Also reading fashion blogs and articles about fall fashion, but also what went on at the S/S 2016 fashion shows. I'm stalking Eva Chen's Instagram and Snapchat.) 

I hope everyone has a great weekend!

24 September 2015

Reese Witherspoon's Southern Women

That care often extends to appearance as well.
"Yes. Every Southern woman I meet is always so pulled together. I’m just saying you don’t see a Southern woman standing in the airport in sweatpants. You just don’t. Even when they are stressed and their kids are swarming around their legs, they do things with grace. It’s how we were raised. We all have those lessons of what your mother or grandma told you was “appropriate” or “attractive.” That idea is quintessentially Southern." 
~Reese Witherspoon, Garden & Gun magazine.

22 September 2015

What I Did This Summer Part Deux

Summer Wind, Frank Sinatra

In my last post, I told y'all that I would explain my unexpected break this summer. I have always been transparent with my readers, and this post is no different. I love fashion, food, and friendship, which this blog will continue to be, but I think y'all deserve a reason for my absence. So, here goes. I was suffering with medicine-induced anxiety.  

Currier & Ives

In the spring, my hematologist changed my blood thinning medication. You see, I have a blood clotting disorder that has not really caused much of a problem, but has to be monitored as my risk of clots and strokes are high. That's the last thing I need! My Coumadin was being problematic as it could not be regulated and I cannot eat foods with vitamin K (turns out I don't like them anyway, outside of spinach, love that), so my hematologist (love her!) put me on Xarelto, which does not require monitoring. Within a month I was snappy, gained 15 pounds, and was feeling incredibly anxious. This was right after my daughter had left for the West Coast, so not only was I sad from her leaving, but I was anxiety-filled. 

My husband has always been a bit of a crazy driver, but I'm so laid back that it really didn't bother me unless the kids were in the car. I was constantly scared in the car and yelling at him. I was incredibly jumpy. Most of all, I felt like nobody liked me. I have my besties, and I knew that they did, but if I didn't get comments or readers here, Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter on posts that I thought were witty, I would be almost inconsolable. My poor family suffered over the summer...until 3 weeks ago.


I went in for my three month check up and nearly broke down. My doctor was very concerned at my blood pressure, pulse, and constant headache. Of course she was concerned about my anxiety, but my BP was 135/91 and pulse was 125. So, those were more pressing matters than my arguing with my husband. She immediately took me off of Xarelto and put me back on Coumadin. I went back yesterday and was back to my smiley self. My BP had dropped to 115/79 and pulse was 96. So, much better, but my pulse is still a little high, and I still have a tinge of a headache, but they no longer want to send me to a cardiologist. My anxiety is completely gone.

Writing is a love of mine that I've had for over 10 years. I missed writing and reading blogs. The friendships I've made through blogging and social media are invaluable. Y'all are seriously the best! I still posted on Tumblr, and will continue, but I'm back! I hope you all will understand my need to take a break from blogging as my mental health required it. What do you want to see me write about? Fall fashions, homemaking, meals, preppy living...?



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