25 September 2015


I'm stealing this from sCe. 

Wearing: Our weather has gone all wonky. Just on Tuesday, the high was a sunny 82 and I was at the pool. Today it was 64! In Atlanta! In September! So, I've been caught off guard with my winter clothes in storage boxes. The highs will be in the low to mid 70's for the next week so I'm okay for the most part with what I have but will pull out my leggings and cardigans for days like today. The farmers market will be chilly in the morning and I may just put on my new fleece leggings (Nautica, $13 for 2 pairs at Sam's Club), black cardigan (bought last year), favorite ballet flats, and short sleeve t-shirt as that's all I have out.

Smelling: Vegetable and Black Bean soup on the stove top. I'll make corncakes in a few minutes. I'm leaning towards a apple crisp for dessert.

Listening: Little Women soundtrack. I also hear the rain falling in buckets. 

Atlanta Happenings: There are tons of festivals this weekend, including the Greek Festival, for only $5. You can do hayrides, corn maizes, and pick apples in North Georgia, but I do not find those fun, except for the hayrides. It's like Disney or something. 

Watching: Speaking of Disney, I watched his American Master's special...all 4 hours...last night. It was really interesting, but long. I'm looking forward to the new period show, Indian Summer on PBS. They can do a period show unlike any other network! We are watching all of the new fall shows, although Cedar Cove is ending for the year tomorrow. Sad Farrah.

Eating & Drinking: I'm all about the pumpkin, which outside of coffee I normally hate. I made pumpkin pancakes and bacon last week and it was delicious! At Starbucks, I do not get the pumpkin spice latte as I think it is too milky. I get a Venti Iced Coffee, substitute the classic syrup for double the amount of pumpkin spice, and nonfat milk. 

Reading: Currently, Dancing Through Life by Candace Cameron Bure. I like her positivity and how she lives her faith in Hollywood. Magazine is the Fall 2015 Porter. (Also reading fashion blogs and articles about fall fashion, but also what went on at the S/S 2016 fashion shows. I'm stalking Eva Chen's Instagram and Snapchat.) 

I hope everyone has a great weekend!


  1. It's supposed to be in the 70's this upcoming week here too. I'm LOVING this Fall weather :)


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