Still Here!

According to the weather, summer is leaving us so I thought I would come on here and say hello! It's like when school starts and you give an "what I did this summer" essay. :)

Honestly, it was one of the best summer's ever! I am tan, though we did not go to any beaches, but because for the first time in years I have not been in a cast or had any type of illness prohibiting me from 3-4 times per week use of our neighborhood swimming facility. It was just amazing! Since I live in Georgia, they are keeping the pool open until the 30th! So it may be chilly, but I can continue to swim for 2 more weeks. I've been spending my mornings job hunting and my afternoons helping my husband with his clients. 
This is me trying on clothes in Lilly Pulitzer store in Buckhead at the big sale. 

And, most importantly, spending as much time with my teenager as possible. This summer he was in summer school, but managed to go to Florida with our church youth group. We go to a mega church and over 1k high schoolers went! Is that not insane but awesome?! William broke up with his girlfriend which was no fun. Here is a picture of him after getting his permit. His expression was not a happy one because as it turns out he was getting really sick. He and my husband (somehow I avoided it) seemed to have The Plague for like a month and it began for Will on that day.

My other two children have had a big summer. My oldest was in Air Assault School in the Army. It was a grueling. He was initially kicked out of the program because he ate. Seriously. He was not aware that he could not eat breakfast before a long run, and he did so he was not able to participate for two weeks. He studied hard and passed the test and went on a 12 mile run loaded with gear. He passed that test as well. I'm so proud of him!

On the exact same day that Nick was graduating, so was my daughter. If you recall, in March I had a little breakdown as my little girl (that is 4" taller than me) left for school in California. She finished and is a special effects makeup artist! She graudated top of her class. She already has jobs just two weeks after graduation. Here's why...look how talented!

If you're interested in my every day life, make sure to follow me on Snapchat, Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook! It is @vintagewasp for every platform except for Facebook, which is Southern WASP. You'll see pictures of my Starbucks. :) I'll post again soon, I promise! Next time I'll share the main reason I have been not posting. So stay tuned!


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