22 September 2015

What I Did This Summer Part Deux

Summer Wind, Frank Sinatra

In my last post, I told y'all that I would explain my unexpected break this summer. I have always been transparent with my readers, and this post is no different. I love fashion, food, and friendship, which this blog will continue to be, but I think y'all deserve a reason for my absence. So, here goes. I was suffering with medicine-induced anxiety.  

Currier & Ives

In the spring, my hematologist changed my blood thinning medication. You see, I have a blood clotting disorder that has not really caused much of a problem, but has to be monitored as my risk of clots and strokes are high. That's the last thing I need! My Coumadin was being problematic as it could not be regulated and I cannot eat foods with vitamin K (turns out I don't like them anyway, outside of spinach, love that), so my hematologist (love her!) put me on Xarelto, which does not require monitoring. Within a month I was snappy, gained 15 pounds, and was feeling incredibly anxious. This was right after my daughter had left for the West Coast, so not only was I sad from her leaving, but I was anxiety-filled. 

My husband has always been a bit of a crazy driver, but I'm so laid back that it really didn't bother me unless the kids were in the car. I was constantly scared in the car and yelling at him. I was incredibly jumpy. Most of all, I felt like nobody liked me. I have my besties, and I knew that they did, but if I didn't get comments or readers here, Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter on posts that I thought were witty, I would be almost inconsolable. My poor family suffered over the summer...until 3 weeks ago.


I went in for my three month check up and nearly broke down. My doctor was very concerned at my blood pressure, pulse, and constant headache. Of course she was concerned about my anxiety, but my BP was 135/91 and pulse was 125. So, those were more pressing matters than my arguing with my husband. She immediately took me off of Xarelto and put me back on Coumadin. I went back yesterday and was back to my smiley self. My BP had dropped to 115/79 and pulse was 96. So, much better, but my pulse is still a little high, and I still have a tinge of a headache, but they no longer want to send me to a cardiologist. My anxiety is completely gone.

Writing is a love of mine that I've had for over 10 years. I missed writing and reading blogs. The friendships I've made through blogging and social media are invaluable. Y'all are seriously the best! I still posted on Tumblr, and will continue, but I'm back! I hope you all will understand my need to take a break from blogging as my mental health required it. What do you want to see me write about? Fall fashions, homemaking, meals, preppy living...?


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