30 September 2015

What is in my bag

I am a slightly nosey person. I like seeing the in's and out's of peoples day's, whether it be make-up and skincare routines, meal plans, ways to earn an income, or, and most especially, what people wear and use in a daily basis. Possibly someone will have a better idea than myself to make a meal or use a product that could streamline my daily to do. Some of my favorite blog posts are "what's in my bag" posts so I thought I would do one. Here are a few that I like: Ivanka, Carly, and Jessica. If you do a similar post, please let me know!

Last week I had a doctor's appointment and I thought I would share what I bring with me when I have an appointment that I know may take some time.

Here is the inside of my Vera tote. I always bring some sort of tote. I have two Lilly Pulitzers (one for spring/summer {out of stock but is same pattern as iPad case in picture} and one for autumn/winter) and two Vera Bradley "Vera" totes in seasonal colors as well. I would like a monogrammed Madewell tote in English saddle or this Draper James and may just put it on my list for Santa. What I like about Vera Bradley products is they are machine washable in very gentle cycle. I do not care for some of their recent patterns (too bold!), but love this Ribbons pattern (discontinued).

The inside: 
Voss water (Starbucks Iced Coffee not shown as it was not in my purse but enjoyed nonetheless)
Day Designer planner (this needs it's own post)
Make up case (Forever 21, discontinued, but love this one & it's price tag)
Lilly Pulitzer wristlet (did not have time to change into Ribbons wristlet, has since been changed)
Lilly Pulitzer iPad case (this is amazing-sadly discontinued. It has credit card slots to be used as a clutch. Changed to fall case since photo after Miss Janice recommendation )
Granola bar (in case I get hangry)

Not shown:
Sharpie and silver engraved pen (stolen from the Mister)
Oh Gussie by Kimberly Schlapman (I always carry a book with me when I have long appointments and my iPad with classics downloaded for short appointments) 
iPad (in case)
Hand Sanitizing wipes

Maybe I will do another post that includes my make up routine, if there's interest. What is in your purse?

Here is me the day of my appointment (striped maxi dress, diamond and silver cross, navy J. Crew flip flops, blonder hair, and make up on!).

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  1. Jessica's bag freaks me out...so overwhelming!
    I would lay mine out for all to see, but the diaper bag itself is not so very attractive...in fact, a new diaper bag is one of he (about 5) items going on our baby registry this go 'round.
    Love your Lilly iPad case (of course)!
    xoxo C


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