13 October 2015

Family Weekend

Last week was spent getting my Autumn cleaning finished and the flat ready for family. I finished everything I wanted to do except for the windows, but seeing as it would be dark when everyone arrived, I was not going to worry about it. A week ago Sunday, I felt Autumn allergies coming on and by Thursday I was in full-on allergy mold that I believe has turned into a cold. Windows were not a priority. The list I wanted to complete was finished so I call that a win!

I bought these cute little knick-knacks at Walmart. Normally I do not go to Walmart (I'm more of a Target lady), but needed to pick up tissues and this was closer. I put apples in the crate and it is so cute! 

My sister, her husband and children, her husband's parents, and my parents arrived on Friday evening. They delivered Muzzie's piano that my sister so sweetly bought for me at Muzzie's auction. It took a year to get to me, but I am so glad to have it! 
My sister knows how important the piano is to our family, and I am grateful to have it. I have not sat down to tinkle the ivories quite yet, but I have heard my son do it a few times. He has inherited Muzzie's gift of playing music by ear. Many studies have shown that music strengthens the analytical side of the brain. My brother-in-law's parents own a pick up with a trailer hitch so they were able to bring down the piano. 

After getting the piano inside, we ate! That's what Southerners do best. I made chicken salad croissants, Cobb salad, (purchased) chips, hot apple cider, sweet tea, and ice cream for dessert (courtesy of Publix). I was not feeling up to cooking a ton of food so my parents generously bought pizza for the three teenagers. Everyone had a great time, and we realize how much we miss living near family.

The next morning my son and I met up with everyone and had breakfast at the hotel. Bry was raving over the omelettes. We had a selfie before taking off. It's a bit too close in my opinion and may need to invest in one of those obnoxious selfie sticks, but us bloggers do what we gotta do. ;)

My sister's family left for Florida. My parents, son, and I did a little shopping to get my son ready for brick and mortar school (he has been doing online school for a few years). Then went to dinner at Buca's (forgot to get a photo).

On Sunday, my parents and I went to the North Georgia Premium Outlets (you know this if you follow me on Snapchat). I just bought one Oxford Cloth Button Down at Ralph. After picking up Bry from church, he and I brought dinner to their hotel room. After eating and chatting, we said our so long for now's.

Yesterday my Army boy came to visit us. He had been in Atlanta with his friends over the weekend. He stopped by before heading back to his base. I made pumpkin cinnamon rolls and bacon. Suffice it to say, it was a heartwarming weekend.

Thank you everyone for coming down. My husband is enjoying the spotless, organized home because of your visit. Come back any time!

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