29 October 2015

Harris Tweed

 I love tweed. It must be the Anglophile in me. Most of my ancestors are from Cornwall and Scotland. When I went to England I saw a many country tweeds and ooohed and ahhed over them all. I have since learned of Harris Tweed, whom makes the prettiest wool fabric. Here is a video from one of their manufacturers, Harris Tweed Hebrides.

Harris Tweed began in the 1800's by the widow of the Earl of Dunmore, Harris. The weavers of the Outer Hebrides formed the Orb Association and passed an act of Parliament in 1993. Check out their whole history here. Harris Tweed has specific guidelines for those that want to manufacture their wool and designs. I think my favourite part is that the designers cannot design to cover more than 50% of the Harris Tweed fabric.

What is your favorite tweed item? Here are two of mine:

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  1. Look up Harris Tweed on Etsy and you will find all kinds of super cute accessories!
    Xoxoxoxo Caroline


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