05 October 2015

Where is my Motivation Monday?

I am struggling today, y'all. My motivation is nil. I have family coming into town this week, so I'm getting my fall cleaning completed and I'm struggling. Sometimes I feel like a toddler yelling "but I don't wanna". So, I'm on my blog and Tweeting because that's the mature thing to do. ;)

Here are my plans for this week:

  1. Clean all closets and cabinets.
  2. List items we do not want on Craigslist and Facebook.
  3. On Thursday take what we do not sell to the charity shop.
  4. Deep clean the kitchen and bathrooms
  5. Steam clean the carpets.
That's the plan for cleaning. I'll figure out menu plans tonight, but we are having Pumpkin Soup and corn pancakes for dinner. P.S. Y'all have to go to Trader Joe's and buy their pumpkin cinnamon rolls. Oh. My. Goodness. They're delicious!

Do you clean in the Autumn and Spring?

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