02 November 2015

Hello November

Where is this year going? It is so surprising that Halloween is over and Thanksgiving is in just a few weeks. My youngest son has started at a new school this past week. He reconnected with some of his friends from years ago when they attended the same elementary school. On Halloween night Will dressed up as a hipster and went to a party. It was the first Halloween ever that it has just been my husband and I. He was none to happy to find "It's The Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown" and "Monsters University" on our television that night. It has been a year of changes, but otherwise, it seems that we are just going through each day dutifully but happily. November is a fun month for us as we visit family in the country, family visiting us, my birthday, and of course Thanksgiving. I may be having surgery on Hannah (my incision hernia) at the end of the month, so I need to complete my Christmas shopping this month. A reason to shop? No problem.

I love the cooler weather, smelling of bonfires/smokehouses, finally being able to wear cool weather clothing, windows open, and holiday excitement. Many women get excited over "No Shave November" when men take the money they would spend on grooming products and donate it to the Cancer Society. My husband does not participate since he likes to be clean shaven for business, but I can appreciate those that participate.

Do you participate in Gratitude November? I did this a few years ago. On Facebook, Twitter, blogs, Instagram, etc., you share one thing you are grateful for every day this month. It does help you to put things into perspective and really think about whom/what is good in your life and why. I am doing my best to be more generous, but not just monetarily. That is my focus this month (hopefully it will stick!).

"If there's ice in November, that will bear a duck;
There'll be nothing after but sludge and muck."
~English folk-lore, 1876

I hope you all have a wonderful November. Leave a comment with what you plan to do this month.

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