16 November 2015

My Thoughts About Terrorism in France

 On Saturday morning I had just put our bacon in the oven and was sipping my Mountain Dew Throwback. I said my prayers for the day then pushed the Twitter app on my iPad and told my husband that something has happened in Paris. I kept seeing tweets about praying for Paris. I pulled up the AP and found out there had been an attack at the soccer game and at a heavy metal concert. My husband turned on the news and we just watched in horror at what was playing out overseas. The first person I had thought of was my cousin, Karyn, whom lives in France. She replied to my email and she is well, yay, but by this time over 100 people have perished. I'm thankful for my family that is safe, but those that perished had mothers, fathers, siblings, children...and I wept. Why do people kill other people? What justifies it in their minds that killing for Allah is what their god wants? I cannot comprehend that thinking whatsoever. That does not matter, however as it is happening all over the world; Beirut was just bombed and ISIS took credit for that as well.
I asked Karyn if she is scared to go to work today as she is a teacher in France. She said she would be more scared to still be teaching at a university in the States. You know what? That is merited. We have had more stabbings and shootings at schools here than they have in France. She said that school will probably be cancelled today as no one was really leaving their homes. Most businesses were closed and though the market was open it was somber and they were not playing music as usual. Did you see where the illustrator for Charlie Hebdo, Johan Sfar, has asked people to stop using #prayforparis on social media? I know that France is not exactly the most religious country as it had once been, and that is sad as now they need faith in something/someone that will help them to deal with their pain and fear. At the same time, religion (extreme) has brought terror into their country so I understand their hesitancy to turn toward God. I will continue to pray for those in Paris, Beirut, and the rest of the world. I know people here are scared that the Syrians will be coming to America and do the same thing here. You know what? All we can do is be prepared. The Southern Girl in me says get your gun and be ready. The prep in me will pretend that nothing has happened and carry on with my day with the Kate Spade sale.

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