Christmas 2015

It has been a few days since my last post. We have been Christmasing it up. We went to a colleague of my husband's Christmas party, traveled for the holiday, and of course there was plenty of eating, merriment, and Hallmark Channel Christmas movie watching. I hope everyone had a most blessed holiday season. Here are a few photos from our travels. 

My mother uses the Spode Christmas Tree China and paraphanalia. 
While we were at my sister's house we had a tornado warning and had to leave to go back to my parent's house before it hit. This weather has been batty for sure.
We were thrilled to have our oldest son home from the Army. His base is not that far from my parent's house so he was able to come up. The only missing family member was our daughter whom could not get off of work in Cali. Mother bought a beautiful new tree. It is white feather branches that look like snow. She topped it with robin's egg blue ornaments; it is so elegant. The boys open their pajamas on Christmas Eve every year. It is a tradition that my parents began with my sister and which I have passed on to my children, whom I hope will continue the tradition.
My nephew, Will, and niece open presents (my niece did not want to be in the photo ;)
Here is a picture of my gorgeous niece and my equally gorgeous sister. Love them!
We went to Nana's house after the children opened their presents. In this photo my uncle is reading the Nativity story in the Bible. Once upon a time my grandfather read it every year and it has passed down the line of uncles and once my cousin's husband, whom is an associate pastor, have read it as everyone has aged. It is such a wonderful tradition. You know us Southerners. We love our traditions.
I just had to post this tender moment with Nana and special. Nana is 96 and we do not know how many more Christmases she will be with us and we cherish each one. 
I made this Christmas card on Red Stamp app. I intended to use one that used gold as that has been my theme this year, but my husband decided on this one. PS, I have lightened my hair considerably. I do not like this color, which is actually my natural hair color (mixed with a little white, thank you Papaw C., whom was white by the age of 50).

Did you all have a good Christmas? Please leave a comment with your Christmas traditions. I love to read what others do in their families. 



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